The court of justice considers that the effect of the Scottish legislation is significantly to restrict the market, and this might be avoided by the introduction of a tax measure designed to increase the price of alcohol instead of a measure imposing a minimum price per unit of alcohol.

When Capitalism Runs Roughshod over even your government, the capitlaists will still call it Communism.

His supporters, Ford Nation, tend to be blue collar, without university education, mostly male. They have little use for government or for a political establishment they believe doesn’t care about them. Whatever’s broken in their lives, they think somebody else caused it; their prejudices help identify who that might be. They’re angry and alienated and will vote for someone who seems that way too. Once their brains host an opinion, no fact is likely to change it. The people at Trump rallies look and sound very similar to the ones I’ve met at Ford political gatherings.

Remember that line there “somebody else caused it”

However, a check by CNN of traveling family members on UK Electoral Roll shows an email address associated with 18-year-old Hamza Mahmoud that links to a suspicious Facebook page.

The page appears to belong to a Birmingham resident with a similar name, whose occupation is listed as Supervisor at Taliban and Leader at al-Qaeda.

When asked by reporters about the Facebook link, the family said the email listed on the electoral roll is incorrect, missing some characters, and that the son lives in London, not Birmingham.

Tariq Mahmoud confirmed his son Hamza was part of the trip, and he told CNN the family had no knowledge of the Facebook page until asked about it by a reporter.

If you or someone with your name states on Facebook that they are a terrorist, prepare for some travel troubles….?