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When you sleep next to an open window

After spending the last few hours of consciousness available to me watching “Survival of the Dead” and drifting off into sleep I dreamed myself away.

1. I dreamed that I had wronged the less than tall warrior leader of an Asian country, so much so that I was marked for death by means of process served papers.

2. I dreamed myself into a forest that had reclining leather seats and warm couches to sleep on; to escape said death warrant.

3. I dreamed that the forest had a remote control fireplace that could be switched from blowing frigid cold to comfortable warmth.

What was I really thinking about when I was dreaming about these things?

1. I’m always in fear that I can’t pay the bills.

2. We have no furniture to speak of; yes a love seat and easy chair, but really our only other “furniture” is our dining set and beds.

3. I sleep next to our heating vents and open windows; no doubt this influenced my dreams last night.

This morning I woke up wondering if bets made under the light of comets that come true should lead to life long bonds or long-term estrangement, because the latter appears to be true.

Where are you now?

Fought Super-Spies in my Sleep

I write about my dreams here in the blog every once in a while, so I don’t feel too exposed when I say that last night I dreamed I was a super-powered spy.  I had a watch that could be used to select from a series of super abilities (like a super powered jump or super strength) and a goofy robot companion.

In the part of the dream I clearly remember, my team leader was drawing out a super-spy villainess out of her bunker so that we could apprehend her.  In true comedy action fashion, our goofy robot sidekick popped up and tipped her off, so she took off using her own super powers, while we gave chase.  I rounded a corner, (using super jumping to catch up) and found her standing over the bodies of my team mates, laughing at me.  I lunged at her and as I did woke up to find I was lunging at my wife in my sleep and apparently about to do her harm as I grabbed her.  She said “Hey!” and shook me off and I woke up, feeling sheepish.

It was quite a wake up.

Head invading cleaning products

I sleep with the television on, if it turned off while I was asleep I probably wouldn’t notice it, but I have a strange need for the noise of it to fall asleep (it drowns out the rest of the world I think).

So, in the night you’ll find me looking for something to play on DVD or stream from the PC or just flick to on the tube and leave on while I pass into the dream state, blissfully unaware the Bobba Fett has just taken Han Solo prisoner or whatever.  When I fall into a deep sleep, the world is just gone and I tend to dream about whatever strong images I experienced the day before.  However, come the early morning my sleep is a bit lighter and the noises in the room tend to invade my dreams.  Sometimes in the morning my dreams are invaded by infomertials

This morning my head was invaded by cleaning products, specifically a swiffer type product that (in my head) was mounted on a ball joint that made for easy transitions.  Of course I was trying to use it to clean the Alpha Alpha Alpha party pit in the middle of some dirty forest with it.  This made logical sense in the dream, I would use the amazing cleaning tool to wipe up the mess of a thousand debauched Frat-boy parties in the middle of some random forest.

Dreams can be like that.

However, my “cleaning extravaganza” wasn’t over.  I found myself in Kincardine wandering down the street engaging all the people I knew and they would regale me with tales of easy purchase options and cleaning strengths.

Clearly this was a long dream and even longer commercial.

I woke up and flipped the TV over the Black Adder and got out of bed.  5:42 AM.  Augh.

I’m going to have to show Jen how to use the “sleep” function on the TV so that it turns off at night, or convince her to leave it on BBC Kids or City overnight so I don’t end up in infomercial hell.

Have you ever experienced this?

Some dreams I had Last Night

I must be getting “homesick” for working at Symantec and living in Eugene, because I had two fully-formed dreams about the States last night.  Fully formed, in this case refers to the fact that I was able to fall back into the dreams even after interruptions.

Dream One:  The Work Dream

I walk back into Symantec, which is suspiciously in the same field that where my elementary school is.  In fact, “work” is now a series of desks, like those at an elementary school.  I take my desk and advise everyone that I am back at Symantec until I find a new job, in order to continue pulling a paycheque.  People then start asking questions about why I am back and what I’m doing, so I start snapping at them and laughing “For someone so old, shouldn’t you be worried about how much time you have left?” and stupid crap like that.  I tell them that I don’t care about future employment with Symantec and the “boss” asks me to leave.  The “boss” was a former co-worker, and not a former supervisor.

I get up and write my name on the board and leave, taking my gym shoes with me.

Dream Two:  The Store

After finding a new home (a big house with neat rooms that hide when you press a button)  I venture out to find a new job.  I wander into the local Geek/Surplus/Comic store and proceed to convince the owner (Stu) that I need to buy the store from him for “all the money I have” which turns out to be 49 cents.

Stu sells me the store and I close up to take stock.  I find an exciting number of expensive curios and books, as well as a collection of comics that don’t exist.

I kept falling back into this dream and exploring the store, which I never left.


Damn you Zombies!!!!

I hate it when I fall intothe trap of watching a zombie flick late at night, I always end up dreaming about it all night. Jen and I watched the 10 minute “Dawn of the Dead” preview last night, before bed. So, as per usual, I was left dreaming about the Zombie Apocolypse that the movie entails. Mostly just wandering around “the Day After” running into other survivors. The Zombies didn’t make a big showing until one point later in the dream when a helicopter crashes into a group of people at a party (?) and zombies sprung forth from the hurt. Man, I hate zombie dreams.

Again, let me state this, I hate zombies.

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Dreaming about the "Normal Life"

Over the past few days I’ve had semi recurring dreams about what I’d have to describe as normal life stuff. You know going to work, driving a car visiting friends. These are sprinkled with light dreamstuff, like toys that eat each other or semiautomatic cars. Yet, the principal themes appear to be just ordinary everyday life occurrences.

The only really odd deal was in one dream I was fighting a toy pillow that had come to life and had began to construct a plastic army of robot toys made from the flesh or Barbie dolls (bleached and hardened) and last night I was working in a radio station along with a troupe of kids straight from the pages of Newsboy Legion.

The common themes of most of the last few night’s dreams has been an overwhelming number of dreams about moving home to Ontario, which I’m sure will be put aside by a visit home sometime in the next few months.

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