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Some dreams I had Last Night

I must be getting “homesick” for working at Symantec and living in Eugene, because I had two fully-formed dreams about the States last night.  Fully formed, in this case refers to the fact that I was able to fall back into the dreams even after interruptions.

Dream One:  The Work Dream

I walk back into Symantec, which is suspiciously in the same field that where my elementary school is.  In fact, “work” is now a series of desks, like those at an elementary school.  I take my desk and advise everyone that I am back at Symantec until I find a new job, in order to continue pulling a paycheque.  People then start asking questions about why I am back and what I’m doing, so I start snapping at them and laughing “For someone so old, shouldn’t you be worried about how much time you have left?” and stupid crap like that.  I tell them that I don’t care about future employment with Symantec and the “boss” asks me to leave.  The “boss” was a former co-worker, and not a former supervisor.

I get up and write my name on the board and leave, taking my gym shoes with me.

Dream Two:  The Store

After finding a new home (a big house with neat rooms that hide when you press a button)  I venture out to find a new job.  I wander into the local Geek/Surplus/Comic store and proceed to convince the owner (Stu) that I need to buy the store from him for “all the money I have” which turns out to be 49 cents.

Stu sells me the store and I close up to take stock.  I find an exciting number of expensive curios and books, as well as a collection of comics that don’t exist.

I kept falling back into this dream and exploring the store, which I never left.


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