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Writer's Block? Let me have that

Writer’s Block? Let me have that, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Spencer tries to help out when I’m stuck for ideas, he’s just a kitten so you can’t really blame him for constantly suggesting that I write about that stuff in the sunbeams and the interesting way the birds move. Not that those aren’t important subjects, it’s just that I don’t find to much human appeal in writing about being scratched on the ears and eating kibble. I may be wrong, but I’ll keep to large hominid style writing for now Spencer.

Desktop Publishing is Hard

I’ve never found it difficult to put pen to paper when I have something to say.  Inspiration moves me easily and I can just fire out the words until my ideas are spent.  This comes in handy when I’m writing for fun or creating a knowledge-management entry or just documenting my work.

Converting the raw work into something I can sell, that has proven to be troublesome.  It’s not the words that are failing me, it’s arranging them with pictures for a vanity work that is killing me.  I sit down to it, fire up the software then get about 5 pages in and decide that I’m not getting anywhere, half because the picture system is so cumbersome and half because I lose the inspiration that got me there in the first place.

I’m using booksmart, has anyone had any experience with it? Is there a better system?

Have you ever made a vanity book?

It only "looks" like murder

it only “looks” like murder, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Over the Victoria Day weekend (May Two Four weekend for the kids) we attended a picnic in the Back Yard of family friends. Many burgers were masticated and some marshmallows were immolated.

Their back yard was so massive, it had a forest in it!

We sat around a fire and shivered, I was wearing a short-sleeved over-shirt and everyone had to ask me if I wanted a coat or blanket or something (as they were freezing). No way! I have at least 6 inches of blubber keeping me warm at all times.

We played boccie and ate and then moved on; thanks Laura and Shawn!

Weekends are Wasted sometimes

I want to get out with my friend and finally get down to shooting some good concept photos, but laziness and schedules always confound my plans.  This weekend it was fear of rain.

I had planned a shoot down on the beach with the water and trees as a backdrop or a trip out to the country and the windmills as a backdrop, but with the weather so uncertain the best I got was a short trip down to the boardwalk and some shots in the sun with my nephew as a Samurai.

This weekend, weather and/or plans permitting I’m going to try and get things together for a shoot.  Nothing fancy or concept driven; just some posed stuff in the sunlight (maybe over some playground equipment).

It’s only monday; why am I making weekend plans already?

The Stacks of Beer

The Stacks of Beer, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Yeah, this is what I see on my way into work every day, the stacks, not the clouds. It’s nice and sunny outside right now, also very green.

I was worried that I would be giving up all the green when I came down here to the City; I’m no nature lover, but I do like the trees and grass the come with nature. London has proven to be very green, excessively so. But like Kubla Khan, I find wisdom in excess and think that the tree lined streets are awesome and I go out of my way to drive down the back streets to stay among said streets.

This is of concern to me and to you

Given the length of this one I am going to bury this under a “read more” link

Some of you are familiar with my photography habit and some of you are not, but this kind of blind “anti-terrorism” should seethe anyone.

A short anecdote”

I spent about 18 months terrorizing Eugene with my camera, sometimes with Jen sometimes with Elizabeth sometimes with both but never alone. I figured that no one would hassle a family guy. I was never hassled. Once an overweight woman put an end to my photography of a fun kickball game by making the participants stop when she saw me taking photos. Fair enough, she got her photograph on the web and I called attention t her “photo-blocking”

But I’ve never been stopped by someone in any kind of official capacity (even when I took photos of a crash scene).

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I am the Red Hulk

Okay, I admit it; I am the Red Hulk!
I have been the Red Hulk for only a short while though! I’m still getting used to the Transformations and Red Eyes thing; when I get some Gamma Strength Visene I should be fine!

Have you been following the new Hulk Story? First he was “The Worldbreaker” then “The Warbound” now there is a new Hulk (who is apparently evil and angry) rolling around killing off Hulk’s enemies (and making Rick Jones into A-Bomb (a new Abomination).

The Red Hulk reads like an Evil Mr. Fixit or “All together Hulk” from the Pantheon story lines.

World War Hulk was a fair capper to the Civil War story that was “kind of Excellent” and “kind of Pointless”. But since Marvel hasn’t already retconned said “it was all a dream, lol” the whole thing yet; I think we can assume that at some point in the near future we will find out that Iron Man/Captain America was a Skrull the whole time and that we’re close to a big reveal.

At least it was more satisfying than the end of “Final Crisis” what a hullabaloo to kill off a bunch of Off-Earth second-string Characters. Even Darkseid was kind of a “far off menace” monster.

So, yeah, Red Hulk. IYAMREDHULK!

no I’m not, seriously