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Inspiration: Where do you Get it?

Well Shut MAh Mouth
Where do you find inspiration?

I find it all over the place, sometimes in the Street. Sometimes at Church.

Sometimes it’s in the book I’m reading.

Sometimes I’m hit with it when I’m just idling at a stop light.

Sometimes, like last night; I’m hit with it by the cruel randomness of the world; I composed a short one-person show about the nature of “God’s Wrath against Natives and the French”

Then there were Tornadoes in West Virginia.

That God guy hates people, I tell ya.

So I was inspired to create the image that accompanies this post by an article on cursing. Which amuses me (cursing, not the image)

While some may think that I am somewhat loose-tongued I think that I restrain myself a great deal more than is necessary. Which I think might say more about the strange thoughts that swirl in my skull and less about the people who (probably rightly) sigh when my mouth opens and I have “that look in my eye.”

In another life I am a Comic, A Priest, A Poet, A Writer and possibly a Prophet.

Here I am only a Prophet.

I predict Rain.

The Road is Loooong

The Road is Loooong, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

with Maaaaneeee a Wiiiindiing tuuurrnnnn….

Oh yeah, travel travel travel.

It’s not that wrong of a trip to my ‘rents. In fact I’ve already developed the mental “shortcuts” that gloss over repeated long drives that make it seem to take “no time at all”. Frequent long-haulers will know all about this, so will heavy drinkers (it’s time travel, right?)

You drive from point a to point b and back again and the aggregate mental stress of the trip is Zero, right? You don’t accrue it in your head, it’s not wasted (because you never actually spent that time, you just found yourself at the end of the trip at your destination, like you were already there).

I live to punctuate with with short bouts of photography and enthusiastic sing-along with my IPOD (through the scar stereo if there is any question in your mind about it).

This particular drive was surprisingly police free, which is a welcome change from the constant police-a-palooza that the trip usually is. I don’t really speed (I maintain a fairly constant pace, but I don’t speed) but I’m always unnerved by the cops either way. I’ve been passed at times when I have been above the limit (on hills and so on, or when the speed has drifted up to 90) and am always perplexed by it. Where are people going that they need to go so fast? They’ll get there in the end. If you are always late, why not leave earlier?

I dunno, I like the long drive in the spring, summer and fall [even winter when the weather is okay] you get to just “be” then you get somewhere with no effort at all. It’s like being rewarded for watching TV or something.

How about you? How do you feel about long drives? How do you pass the time?

Color Correction is your Friend

Color Correct Kevin CompareColor Correct Kevin

I’ve posted these two images to illustrate a point. With access to some post-processing tools (Photoshop, Photoshop Essentials and even Picassa) we an “fix” the little inadequacies of the original images. In this case contrast, sharpness and color issues.

This article is not the one I was looking for on this matter, but it covers the same ground.

You can achieve the same basic fixes in Picassa using the image correction tools therein. Shadows and Sharpen for the most part, with some color correction too. It can make all the difference in an image.

(If you are interested, I was illustrating how bad the countryside smelled, I was ill on the way up to Kincardine last week due to the smell of the poultry farms)

EDIT: Removed Ava Knight’s Pictures

Up and Down Again

NiteCat, NiteGirl and I went up Skinner’s Butte today.  No Mean feat.  Well, not really, it’s a short walk but NiteGirl and I are pretty out of shape, so it was good exercise either way.  This was yet another excuse to take pictures and generally gawk at Eugene as we will be leaving ever so soon.

I reward your patience with a picture:

Water can be Goopy
Water can be Goopy

This was taken at the water fountain at the top of the Butte, where the water is apparently the only chlorinated water in the whole city.   It tasted awful, but it takes a nice picture nonetheless.

Additionally, here is a nice picture from Alton Baker park, taken the day before:


Taken amongst a crowd of goslings,  awwww.

Anyway, if you are interested here’s the skinny on my Car “The Batmobile”  (Which is nicer than the Fatmobile)

NiteGirl, NiteCat and I were leaving the theater after the ignominious “Third Movie” when we realized that the car felt a bit odd on the passenger side.  Looking at the wheel, we confirmed that it was a little low on air and we proceeded to fill it up, at which point I noted that the metal from the inside of the tire was coming through; but on the INNER edge of the tire quell surprise.

So, off to Firestone we go.  Look, I’m aware of the issues they have had in the past, so I make the same assumption there that I make at Jack in the Box; due to their past bad press they HAD to clean up their act.  Also, they were close and I have done business with them in the past.

After their initial inspection they also found that the passenger-front ball-joint and Driver-Rear wheel cylinder needed work.  I assented to the work and they proceeded to perform these and OTHER repairs *for free* on top of the aforementioned tire replacements (4) and wheel alignments (lacking a lifetime guarantee, but I may never see another Firestone) and for good measure an oil change with the extra fancy high-mileage stuff.

I’m going to  be scrambling to pay the Credit Card bill that comes along with this, but I can’t argue with the results.  I was planning on getting this work done before the big move anyway, the power steering needs work and it needs a tune up; but an annoying squeak that I have been hearing for about two years is now gone and I feel more confident in the wheels (as they used to feel a bit, um, loose).

So there it is, the skinny on the Bat mobile.  We also had a nice lunch at Red Robin, who still make crappy fries.

New Rebel!!!!

I’ve finally made the jump to a D SLR for photography fun.

I still have the Kodak p880 on hand for fun, but I’m looking forward to the versatility of exchangeable lenses etc.

This is one of the last Rebel Xts out there, as the model run is over and Canon is pushing the Xti now (the 10.1 Mega pixel model)

007Ben was gracious enough to lend me a memory card while I wait to pay for a new one out of pocket next week.  I took a bunch of shots (focusing on Marco shots as those interest me the most right now)