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Month: October 2006

So Busy Today

I was so overwhelmed by my work today.  I handled 50% of the total measurable work volume today and I really felt it (considering there are three of us).  Not to mention the face-to-face work and the ongoing work, I’m really stressing the lack of another head on the team.

The actual work is easy, but as time stretches on I can see things getting out of hand.

That’s life in the tech industry I guess.

NiteGirl took her first driving lessons this weekend, (30 mins total) with some practice around the neighborhood and a local high school parking lot.  She did really well, and only made me scared for my life once.  That must be better than I did my first day out.

I did TheSpawn’s makeup yesterday (cheetah) it turned out okay, but I’ll revise it tomorrow.  I also supplied her with a bloody kitten as a prop, which went over gangbusters at the Halloween party.  TheSpawn won 6 contests including Best [loudest] Scream, Scariest Costume and Best Costume.  She was so proud!

I was pretty proud too, she got those lungs from me and my family!  She’ll have a great “Mom Voice” when she grows up.

That reminds me of a quick story I wrote on my private blog a couple years ago.

There were these ROTC kids messing around by a dumpster a fair distance from my friends and I as we waited for the bus.  They were getting louder and rowdier and eventually I got tired of their noise and obvious misbehavior (ROTC KIDS!!)  so I puffed up and gave them a big Authoritative “HEY!” and they scattered like confetti in the proverbial hurricane.

My Friends couldn’t believe the volume and depth of the voice that came from me; they had checked themselves when they heard it.  Funny Stuff.

A similar thing happened at a Basketball game; I was yelling “Brick” and “Psyche” during layups and free throws.  It was a blast.

Sore Tooth Blues

I had a bad toothache way back in June/July.  The pain was relieved when a large chunk of popcorn came out from between my teeth a week later, it had been deep under my gum line all that week and driving me crazy.  The dentists I reached out to told me I would have to wait “about two to three weeks” before they could see me if it wasn’t an emergency.

Oh well, the pain was gone and except for pain when I ate candy or chocolate, my teeth felt much better.

A couple weeks back the pain came back and no amount of cleansing or picking at my gums had any effect, last Sunday I was tasting “rot” in my mouth when I ate.  This was it, a serious tooth problem.

I broke down on Monday and called a Dentist, and got in right away to see them, eighteen X-Rays were needed to establish a baseline for my mouth.  One tooth (Number 14) was in need of a Root Canal [yikes]

An appointment was made with a specialist and I was seen yesterday at 7:30 AM.  By 9:00AM i was on my way home.  The  whole thing was pretty painless, until the anesthetic wore off about half-way through, then it was not so nice.  After it was done my jaw hurt a bit, but I felt fine.  Talking sucked when I was at work and I avoided the phone as much as possible.

I felt okay at night, but my tooth hurt “a little”.

This morning my jaw was killing me and my tooth hurt ALOT.

It hurt enough to make me not want to speak.

I texted that I wasn’t coming in and went to sleep, pain killer less.

I feel better now.

Today's Top 5

Books, movies, music; what’s in your top 5 right now?


  1. Monster Island
  2. Monster Planet
  3. Autumn
  4. Autumn: The City
  5. Starship Troopers


  1. 28 Days Later
  2. Formula 51
  3. Garden State
  4. Return of the Jedi
  5. Rules of Attraction


  1. Something I can Never Have – Nine Inch Nails [ Pretty Hate Machine ]
  2. Faith – “The Boy Least Likely to”
  3. Metal – Nine Inch Nails
  4. Bay Bronx Bridge (Bhongra Mix) – Masters of Illusion
  5. Apparitions – Matthew good Band

This Week's Top 25

What are your top 25 most played songs?
Submitted by Cooxie.

  1. Faith “The Boy Least Likely to”
  2. Crazy “Gnarls Barkley”
  3. BattleFlag “Lo-Fidelity Allstars”
  4. It’s No Good “Depeche Mode”
  5. Infinity “Guru Josh”
  6. I’m Not Okay “My Chemical Romance”
  7. Last Train to Trancentral “The KLF”
  8. Supermassive Black Home “Muse”
  9. I Ran “Flock of Seagulls”
  10. Don’t You Want Me? “Felix”
  11. Lotion “Greenskeepers”
  12. Something I can Never Have “Nine Inch Nails”
  13. Dead Souls “Nine Inch Nails”
  14. Otherside “Red Hot Chili Peppers”
  15. If you want Blood, You got it! “AC/DC”
  16. Killer “Adamski”
  17. Midnight Rider “The Allman Brothers”
  18. Don’t Panic “ColdPlay”
  19. Strict Machine “Goldfrapp”
  20. Enter Sandman “Metallica”
  21. Building a Mystery “Sarah McLachlin”
  22. Are You Gonna Be My Girl “Jet”
  23. Cold Hard Bitch “Jet”
  24. She’s Lost Control “Joy Division”
  25. Numb “Linkin Park”


Timeless Albums

What are some of your favorite, forgotten albums that have stood the test of time?
Submitted by PeterGibbons.

“Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band – Beatles”
“Pretty Hate Machine – Nine Inch Nails”
“It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back – Public Enemy”
“Pauls Boutique – Beastie Boys”
“Nevermind – Nirvana”
“(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? – Oasis”
“Chris Sheppard – Pirate Radio Sessions” [The one with Dove Song, Kicks Like a Mule, Ace, & Pragha Khan] [Edit: it could be Trip 2 the moon]
“VooDoo-U Lords of Acid”
“One Fierce Beer Coaster – Bloodhound Gang”
“Spawn – The Official Sound Track”
“Bloodsport – The Sneaker Pimps”
“Broken/Fixed – Nine Inch Nails”
“Bizarre Ride to Tha Pharcyde – Pharcyde”
“Which Doobie U B? – Phunkdoobiest”
“Cypress Hill – Cypress Hill”
“Amerikkas Most Wanted – Ice Cube”
“Bodycount – Bodycount”

Oh man, I could go on and on…

Another long Day at the Office

Well, not SOOO long, but long enough.

I rolled in there around 6:30AM and Left around 5:00PM.

It was long enough for me; oh well.
As usual, I can’t discuss the reason; it was work nonetheless.  I will have to pick it up in the morning too; which really sucks as I like to have my mornings for old work.

I think I’ll be taking thursday and friday off (after my aborted ones last week) the Spawn has Friday off so it will work out nice (as Friday is also payday)

We’ll probably hit the grocery store in the early morning and then just gap out after lunch.

Ahh, those easy going days off!

Maybe we should head out to coburg and snap a few shots of that graveyard?

Trip to San Francisco: Day three Part Two

Where was I…?

Oh yeah.

So we walked down to 2nd Street from our Hotel, along the way I took some pictures and we saw some things:

Sirr, please move

This guy spoiled this picture.

There are some stainless steel looking shrooms back there.

This was some sort of open-air art exhibit in a back alley.

We saw this in between 3rd and 2nd.
Don't go, Metal Lady!

We were getting ready to cross 3rd when I saw this metal lady up on the building accross the street.

I used the grid to make sure she only occupied one ninth of the screeen (for cropping later)

For you though, you get to see the whole picture.

Accross the street there were a couple of neat pieces
People "in Spired"

These were at the corner; I snapped a couple shots to make sure I remembered them.

After a long walk, we came to the office that we would be spending the next 8 hours inside of.  Sigh.

I took these pictures from the balcony during a break:
Constructive View
If I had been luckier, I might have caught the blue angels buzzing all the homeless in the Bay Area.

At 4PM we left the office and proceeded to be stymied in our escape plans by an uncooperative Parking Ticket machine. (We were getting a ride with another co-worker, thus the car)

Our Party had grown to 4 members and as we crested the exit from the car park we were prevented from proceeding by a large line of cars.  One of us (Renatta) had to get her bags, but they were in a hotel in the other direction, and the traffic looked like it would stop us.

She got out and walked over to her hotel; we promised to turn around and come get her.  After 10 minuites we had moved about 5 feet and Curtis got out to go get Renatta; as it seemed like she would have to wait a long time.

Eventually Renatta and Curtis ran after us and caught us as we started to move.

We boldly ignored a no-right turn sign that looked out of date and we were off, 20 minutes later we were in a rail car and heading into the terminal.
Good Bye San Francisco
The Terminal was busy and even the express check-in had a line.

In what was a giant breach of security (but now that I think of it not really) I was let into the securtiy line without photo ID.

(I was wearing it on my throat on a lanyard… D’oh)

I stripped off my suspenders and organized my crap into the containers…

hmmm.. I just looked for my ID lanyard and failed….I wonder where it is?

Anyway; we passed through Security and went for food (and Beer!)

I had Amstel Lights (something easy to down) and ordered a crab appetizer and fish and chips as my entree.  The Crab was ROTTEN!  Horrible, sickening.  I spit it into my napkin and sent it back. Ugh.

The Fish in the Fish and chips was not much better, it had a “potato-y” consistency.

I ate, we talked, we had a good time waiting to go to our gate (which chaged while we were eating)

The Flight was delayed.

I ended up sitting amongst a woman and her two daughters (two more were waiting in Eugene) and listening to their drama on the way up and down.  Much to my surprise, the “youngest” was older than me and had four kids!  The other two daughters were even younger.

This blew away Renatta and I.

I said my goodbeyes, got in a taxi (VIP Taxi in Eugene, use them when you are in town)  and headed home.

The house was spotless clean when I got home and we opened my Birthdat Presents.

It was a long day; which I’ve only really recovered from in the last little while.

Good Trip overall.