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Month: September 2006

All my Pets

Fun Stuff

I’m loving my little Canon a530.

I love slinging it out and snapping shots of stuff, especially close up and strange.

Take my little friend here; the fusion of a stress doll and a koosh ball.  I have christened it the team mascot.  I took a few snaps of it for my flickr page.

In Not Fun Stuff news, I decided to wipe out my Fedora Core install (meaning I lose my neat-o antispam solution for a while) but as per usual my path to Linux Nirvana is beset with Jackassery and slow net connections.

Oh well.  Jackassery Calls.

I'm Grateful for…

Let’s make a list.  What are 20 things in your life that you’re grateful for?
Inspired by

  1. Daughter
  2. Wife
  3. Mum & Dad
  4. Family
  5. Good Friends
  6. Women (In General)
  7. Poetry
  8. Fiction
  9. History
  10. Fish and Chips
  11. Scotland
  12. Irn Bru
  13. Dance Music (Techno/House/Electronica)
  14. Rap Music (Old School/New School)
  15. Political Consciousness
  16. My Job and the money it generates
  17. Comics
  18. Computers
  19. Television
  20. Rum and Coke

New Book Day!

Every couple of weeks now I get a new stack of books from the Interweb:

This week it is “War Lord – A Hellblazer Novel”  “Hellblazer – Staring at the Wall”  “Hellblazer – All His Engines”  “World war Z – An Oral History of the Zombie Wars (Max Brooks)”

Last week it was Irvine welsh books.

I’m all full on books now.  I should jus tread these now.  [But it’s my Birthday next week, so we will see]

Set your DVR

What TV show(s) will you be watching this season? Why?
Submitted by

House: I’m a total addict and am a medical mystery freak.  I love the character too, ascerbic is awesome.

Come on, of course I’ll watch the Simpsons after this long you don’t break that habit.

Venture Brothers: This season is actually just about done, it has been great thus far.

Scrubs: This may be the last season, but I have loved all of them thus far.

Ghost Whisperer/Medium:
I won’t be watching them (if I can help it) but My wife loves these; I just can’t get past the “Lifetime Network” feel to them, they are like X-Files for Hausefraus.

Legion of Super Heroes:  New Show, I enjoy the Warner Brothers/DC Cartoons (Except for Teen Titans)

The Batman: A good adaption of Batman that seems to keep getting better.

Avatar the Last Airbender:  Good show, good story. (I don’t DVR this one)

Coming up on iTunes

Sometimes the Neighbours are okay

Other Times they suck

Our newest set of neighbours have decided that the anti-smoking rules don’t apply and I really don’t want to have to alienate another set of neighbours by complaining about their late night habits.

I can’t stand having my house stink of cigs though.

I’ll have to take this up with the managers and let them sort it out.

Both my house and my direct neighbours have small kids, along with long residencies in these places.  I wish that counted for something.

Nap and Dream

I came home tonight, spent some time with “TheSpawn” and tried to share one of the great thrills of my childhood “Return of the Jedi” but she was only really interested in “Empire”

No Joke.  She said that she’d rather watch Empire (It’s a down ending, and that’s what life is daddy.  A series of Down Endings)

okay, she didn’t say the last part, she just can’t wait to see the big “Reveal Scene” in Empire.

I had been waiting to see this version of Jedi again for ages (I bought the DVD collection last year and was crestfallen about the changes to things I remembered so well.  Being able to watch the “crappy original” was manna to me)
After she went to bed (she watched the climax and ending of Jedi, but wasn’t really into it; I had a nap.

It was a 2 and a half hour nap, filled with the kind of vivid dreams one only gets when one is not in a deep enough sleep to get total rest, but a deep enough one for REM sleep to come on.  Some highlights:

1)  Driving a very tall mobile platform through a swamp.
2)  Sneaking into some building and operating a pirate radio station, then trying to hide from the owners.
3)  Picking up friends to go out to some social event.
4)  A long form riff on the behavior of wealthy kids.
5)  Some sort of post-war malaise.

I think that the TV (on in the room) was affecting what I dreamed about.

It was a good nap, but I’m still tired and I’ll be back in bed soon.

Late nights at the Office

I work on the West Coast, so this is a relative term.   May day starts at 5-6 am at work so when I talk about late evenings I’m usually saying 4-6 PM.

Last night I was in the office from 6AM until 11PM.

It was a helaciously long day and I still made it in to the office before 9AM, so I have that to be proud of.