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On Vox: I almost didn't write this

Police are investigating a crash between a mid size SUV and a tractor
trailer on Highway 21 north of Amberley Road around 1:30 Sunday

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On Sunday, when Jen and I were driving home there was a crash on the road ahead of us.  We pulled over and tried to help out as best we could.  I snagged a cell phone from anotehr driver and called 911, it took ages for them to get to the scene.

It was a fightening crash, the driver of the SUV (?) has been thrown into the field and the whole thing appeared to have been spun around several times (judging from the pattern of debris strewn around).  Bags were 25 feet from the wreck in the field and the front driver-side tire was next to the driver int he field.

Everyone in the vehicle (a boy and girl) was conscious but probably in shock; I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who just showed up and helped.  By the time the ambulances appeared there must have been about 20-30 people helping out.

I tried to get the "board" from the ambulance when asked, but couldn't find it.  It turns out they were hidden in a compartment on the back.

When all of the people were loaded into the ambulances, I snapped a few shots of the accident and debris.  I wasn't doing it to be a tourist or out of morbidity, I wanted to preserve it as it was.  I was a small disaster, a whole life worth of stuff destroyed in moments.  No ACT OF GOD required.

I was glad to hear that they were allright, it looked like they were moving house.  I hope their family was nearby.

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