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Month: March 2008

On Vox: Long time without you

Hmmm, what’s going on?  I’ve been looking for work, so there’s that.

I’ve been up and down to Kincardine a couple times.  I keep missing Mrs Brown & Netty and feel guilty about that, I just don’t like visiting when my future is so uncertain.  Oh well.

I cut my own hair on the weekend, no I’m not posting pictures of it here.  I posted one from last night and look out of it.  So no pic love here (for now).

On friday we had some excitment, as NiteGirl’s PC was found to be infected with a bot that was allowing remote control.  DAmn.  I thought I had cleaned it, but I guess not.  Which means it is possible that anyone who was infected with the same is currently an botnet slave.   There were a couple on NiteGirls contact list.  They will need to clean that up.

(If you are wondering, look at your task list (CTRL+ALT+DELELTE or Right-click on the menu bar at the bottom of your screen and click Task Manager).  If you see “” you are probably infected.  Locate the start processes in you registry (a bunch on nonsense rundlls and .NET. that references  Stop the processes before you delete the registry keys.  The is a hidden file in c:\windows. 

Have fun.

This is by no means a proper write-up and I really should have tried to fix the virus, but I just nuked and paved nite’s machine instead.  So we both have relativley clean machines now.

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Iraqi TV Debate: Is the Earth Flat?
This is a laughable debate; but please give it some time. Remember this video when you decide to be closed minded about an idea that is foreign to you. You may be as ridiculous as this flat-earther from Iraq.

Also, Adria (if I remember) you have to watch this. I require it.


Victory in Iraq!
5 years later, this video is more poignant. This footage is likely to show up again and again in movies and documentaries when the world examines this failed presidency again and again.

One could never imagine that history would breed a better asshole than Dick Nixon, but there you go. The fecund moss of the conservative movement that we were warned about by Sinclair Lewis has borne the fruit that the west deserved.

If anything, the past 8 years should serve as a reminder that tyrants will often come wrapped in familiar paper and borne by the lope of a close friend.

Next time, let’s get it correct and fight against these kinds of fools before they destroy the west again.

On Vox: OMG



Glenn Beck is pretty much the second worst personality on Headline News (second to Nancy Grace who hounded a woman to suicide and profits from the pain of others).

One would think that watching Glenn Beck would have the opposite effect, what with his false frat-boy haircut and his toadying fealty to Bush when Bush was popular.  What about hoping for people to lose their homes in Cali?

Oh well, to each their own I guess.

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On Vox: Doctor Giggles I am NOT

A La Plus Tard.

It wasn't all that late, but I was sleepy and ready for a nap when I got to the hospital waiting room.

My Mother and Wife both insisted that my wheezing-barking cough was bad enough to warrant a doctor getting his hands on my doughy body.  I disagreed then after a few moments of body blows and no small amount of bungee cords I found myself signing into the hospital and wearing a face mask a la Michael Jackson or Japanese Subway Riders.

Pleased, can't you see I was?

So, the triage nurse didn't hear the same noise in my chest that my mom heard, but she sent me on to see the doctor anyway.  It might have been because I was on good cough medicine or just luck, but my chest is still crackling and popping after days of medicine so it was probably for the best that she sent me on.

So, not long after (about 30 mins) I got to see a Doctor (Dr. Smith I think) and he perscribed a round of AntiBiotics for my cough and chest infection.  Those who know me know how I feel about medication in general and Antibiotics as a whole.  I'm taking them, but only to make the cough go away faster.

Speaking about the medicine, how much would you expect to pay for a course of Antibiotics?  I have no drug plan, so like 100 dollars, right?  Nope. 30.  30 Canadian dollars, which is about 33 American.

I could afford my medicine!

I didn't have to pay for them either, so thanks Mum.

My last pill goes tomorrow and I expect to take another 5 days to clear.  Maybe I'll get a good night's sleep soon.


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On Vox: I almost didn't write this

Police are investigating a crash between a mid size SUV and a tractor
trailer on Highway 21 north of Amberley Road around 1:30 Sunday

Story From

On Sunday, when Jen and I were driving home there was a crash on the road ahead of us.  We pulled over and tried to help out as best we could.  I snagged a cell phone from anotehr driver and called 911, it took ages for them to get to the scene.

It was a fightening crash, the driver of the SUV (?) has been thrown into the field and the whole thing appeared to have been spun around several times (judging from the pattern of debris strewn around).  Bags were 25 feet from the wreck in the field and the front driver-side tire was next to the driver int he field.

Everyone in the vehicle (a boy and girl) was conscious but probably in shock; I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who just showed up and helped.  By the time the ambulances appeared there must have been about 20-30 people helping out.

I tried to get the "board" from the ambulance when asked, but couldn't find it.  It turns out they were hidden in a compartment on the back.

When all of the people were loaded into the ambulances, I snapped a few shots of the accident and debris.  I wasn't doing it to be a tourist or out of morbidity, I wanted to preserve it as it was.  I was a small disaster, a whole life worth of stuff destroyed in moments.  No ACT OF GOD required.

I was glad to hear that they were allright, it looked like they were moving house.  I hope their family was nearby.

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On Vox: QotD: I'm Ashamed of…

What are you ashamed of?

In my early 20s I was friends with a woman named Penny, I turned her in to her BF when she admitted to cheating on him at a party.  I never should have turned her in, the BF didn’t care and I ended up alienating a number of people.  I shouldn’t have said anything to anyone.

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On Vox: Rebuilding

So, since I had the time and the desire, I rebuilt  I am very happy with how it turned out!

I had an idea in my head about how I wanted to go about building it again, I was already happy with the PHP back end and the aggregation I was doing from the various places I am leaving a nice detailed RSS trail so all Iw as really doing was rebuilding the front end.

Of course, some of the back end contained some display code (bad bad bad) so that was excised and I streamlined the RSS code and some of the Flickr stuff.  This made some of the code useless, but I left it in the source just in case.

The first major challenge was the gallery.  I has previously used a nice JavaScript gallery, but wasn’t happy with it’s lack of keyboard support.  So I switched to the flickr flash gallery, which was great.  I almost want to switch back to flickrviewr or a variant of it.  So I settled on an open source FLASH gallery this is actually kind of buggy, but I will eventually get into the source and fix it all on my own.  So there’s a win.

The UI is set up to resemble an old-school computer, solid-state and green-phosphors.  I covered it in hand-written labels and stuck on crap.  There is a spattering of paint and rust on it and I think it captured what I saw inside my head.  I kept the original source materials to rebuild it.

Converting from the TABLES that I originally built it on to CSS turned out to be easier than I thought, [I should point out that the site was entirely CSS driven before, the redesign started as a tables layout].  Once it was all laid out, getting the content in was fairly easy.

The last challenge was making all of the old content available, along with what was previously available on “LIVE” which I think I have achieved.  So there we are a new site built from the remains of two others and laid out like and old-school computer. 

I hope you enjoy checking it out.

I’ve had some cold calls this week, wish me luck!

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