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Day: October 29, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-10-29

  • Blog Post: Twitter Updates for 2009-10-28 #
  • The Construction guys working on the siding of this condo are about to meet the massive wasps nest in my neighbor's roof #
  • I knew the roof above my bedroom window (the overhang there) was in need fo work, but it looks worse now…. Bye bye $$$s #
  • Jen and elizabeth are both home sick now…. next THE CAT AND DOG!!! #
  • RT @DougBenson Hey Actress Complaining About The Potential Soda Tax, Think of the money you'll save not buying your children soda at all! #
  • When can I move my car back into the driveway? Huh? When? You're not even working on my house! #
  • RT @nitemayr Let's Revalue Long Distance Travel #
  • Blog Post: Let's Revalue Long Distance Travel #

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