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Day: October 31, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-10-31

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-31

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  • Ironic: Mattel sued Aqua over Barbie Girl, now they use it as the basis of their Barbie ads, no doubt paying Aqua usage rights. #
  • @eddieizzard London, Ontario here. Sunny and cool, somewhat cloudy. in reply to eddieizzard #
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  • Re: Paranormal Activity. People have no taste, that wasn't a very good scary movie, it seemed scary, but nope. No staying power #
  • Okay, so why didn't anyone tell me "the Goods" was so goddamn funny "Nobody tells DJ ReQuest what to play" that is the only G-Rated joke #
  • Good point about being home in bed, Borderlands unlocks today. #
  • @ElectricSpectre Agreed in reply to ElectricSpectre #
  • Blog Post: Where is my Windows 7 upgrade disk Dell? #
  • DownloadSquad prmotes a good looking free game, check it out #
  • Alright, I need a good flu coma, but there are dudes with hammers outside putting up siding. What do I do? #
  • RT: @StopTheRight: It's Question Time for the Daily Mail #
  • Turns out that I may have been exposed to swine flu twice this month. Nice. #
  • I feel sicker than ever now…. and I still have to drive jen to the stores…. fail #
  • Just woke up from a strange dream about bygamy, new age gatherings and water. Woke up to hear water dripping in a sink downstairs. Heavy. #
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  • Check out my Google profile #
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  • The Construction guys working on the siding of this condo are about to meet the massive wasps nest in my neighbor's roof #
  • I knew the roof above my bedroom window (the overhang there) was in need fo work, but it looks worse now…. Bye bye $$$s #
  • Jen and elizabeth are both home sick now…. next THE CAT AND DOG!!! #
  • RT @DougBenson Hey Actress Complaining About The Potential Soda Tax, Think of the money you'll save not buying your children soda at all! #
  • When can I move my car back into the driveway? Huh? When? You're not even working on my house! #
  • RT @nitemayr Let's Revalue Long Distance Travel #
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  • Yeah, this succinctly expresses how I felt about Jeff Dunhams "Ain't We cute" Puppet show #
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  • Blog Post: Review: Crossed Seven, the Crossed love Musicals and Murder #
  • Blog Post: When you protest against Universal Benefits (health care, education, etc)…. #
  • It was warm when I moved the car this AM for the construction dudes #
  • Possibly the most beautiful thing you will see today #
  • RT @buzzfeedfeed Drunk Ewoks Storm The Today Show: Pics, Videos, Links, News #

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