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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-03

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  • Blog Post: Twitter Updates for 2009-09-27 #
  • Laughed at Cleveland, Laughed at Family Guy, saw the humor in American Dad and saw spotted Seth Rogen's Credit and Voice on The Simpsons. #
  • Blog Post: Hey Watch out! That is probably a Worm #
  • "—A Quaker, married to a Mennonite" sign-off posted on the internet in defense of the Burkha. Can you smell the Irony? #
  • It's not really late, Am I tired? I fixed the Garage today, need to hit the mart tomorrow to buy Critter screens #
  • @pixelsoul Oh I get it, V.Funee in reply to pixelsoul #
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  • On one hand, the tune is fun and banging | | On the other hand, does Canada really need it? Poutine and Strong Beer FTW #
  • Blog Post: A Command Line Twitter Client for you #
  • Re: Alternate Universe in FG last night: If there was no Christianity; why was there a Sistine Chapel to be decorated? #
  • Sweet Fancy Dancing Moses, Jen is NOT online on SecondLife as one of her own characters… she's probably logged in as another one. #
  • Nope Jen is simply not online on Second Life, mark your calenders! #
  • | Sparklemotion thinks that it is okay to have to get a permit to protest, what do the teapartyers think of this? #
  • Yesterday at the Dog Park I was stung/bitten by something (hurt like hell) and I can't figure out what it was… no lingering effects though #
  • The Day you watched a ton of James Burke on YouTube | #
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  • c'mon sparlemotion, defend this: #
  • @almightygod SHAZAM!!!!! in reply to almightygod #
  • RT @almightygod Note to everyone praying for the Philippines: If I wanted those people to live, I wouldn't have sent the storm. {PWNED} #
  • Laptop Os finally died, gonna install Sabayon64bit on it instead of windows. #
  • This Factory Restore is SLOW #
  • RT @kpereira Love Twilight? Hate Twilight? Enjoy our version: #
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  • You know what? A toilet full of dook and no dook rag is a pretty disturbing thing to find in an office full of professional office-types. #
  • Mystery of missing bowls solved in gross fashion, FAIL #
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  • Has Rick Berman even heard of Irony? <- not Really #
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