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Wow; your’re responding to an article that’s over a year old with talking points from just about that era.

when you catch up here in 2010, we’ll talk.

1) How the hell do you know that? you don’t know that for 100% certain so don’t play like you do. For all you know one of those guys there was a principal in some form out for a walk on the floor. So don’t play.

2) Taxpayer money isn’t your money. It’s the dues you pay to take part in society; it wasn’t ever yours as long as you are a citizen; you’re born owing it for the military and social might of the west and you die a little in the hole when you aren’t raped by foreign soldiers in a ditch. You also pay for fire suppression, roads (for easy transport of goods) power lines (for electricity) water, gas R&D, welfare to keep the poor from being the crazy starving hungry, social programs to keep the idle youth from being the active and hungry youth (hungry for your wallet)… etc etc..

I think you have an entitlement problem; “government out of my life” except for all the things it does silently every day to keep my country a prosperous place safe for me to live in.

You could always live in one of those free-market havens in Africa or Europe; do some digging I’m sure you’ll find one.

Again; taxes are the dues one pays for a functioning society; you owed them as soon as you were born and will be in the hole when you die. This is how western civilized society functions; taxes are not your money. Taxes are like Dad’s money, if your dad made you pay rent when you had a job and still lived at home.

Dad’s money kept you fed, clothed and free from rape when you were a kid and now dad wants his back pay. Okay?

Sheesh, it’s like you want a free ride or something.

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