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Never let it be said that do not also blow with the wind

I don’t know if you’ve seen this video yet, and wonder if I should even be posting it, but I find it so uplifting that I want to share it with you too. If you’ve had some bad news recently you should watch this. Maybe you’ll feel inspired?

Yeah, I’m making a links post, but why not? It’s Sunday. I got the car cleaned out, but didn’t clean the exterior…. what a goof. It looks like Monday should be nice, so cleaning it in the evening won’t be a problem.

If you’re not already listening to Maestro Fresh Wes, you didn’t click that link and I’m already gone.

Williams College OCTET Drain PM dawn of Soul


Way to drain all merit and soul from this song and way to make it even worse crowd.

This actually made me gag, loudly.

These guys should have their ties revoked.

“C’mon now”?

Why didn’t they let someone with soul lead this?

Augh. I had to watch it twice while writing this.

Someone tell the director of this group that soul songs don’t work when the singer has no soul in his voice.

It's Commander Rick!

Some judicious Google video searches led me to some Prisoners of Gravity episodes online:

For the uninitiated, the young, the vain or the American; Prisoners of Gravity was THE genre fiction discussion program from the 80s to early 90s (it followed me through High School guaranteeing that I would never be “cool” at my rural high school). If you were a fan of any kind of Genre ficiton of any sort, with comics and sci-fi as a preference then Prisoners of Gravity was your mecca. I remember being excited when Commander Rick would interview the Cyberpunk luminaries like William Gibson and Bruce Sterling (The Difference Engine) and authors like Alan Moore (Judge Dredd) or Neil Gaiman (Black Lotus).

I strongly encourage you (if you are a fan) to check out “Prisoners of Gravity” online at google video and enjoy what us kids in the know (and not americans) were able to enjoy way back when.

I know those were their less famous works, which is why I chose them.


Will Smith Opens Scientology School | Chanology News

“New Village Academy will lead the world in identifying innovative learning styles, educational best practices and the ingredients for enduring prosperity.” This quote is from the Vision Statement of the new school being funded and founded by Will Smith. Some of the “innovative learning styles” are Montessori, the Constructivist Model, and L. Ron Hubbard Study Tech, among others.

I guess we can add Will Smith to the not-so-secret Scientologist and no cash from Kevin list.

When Scientology stops taking cash for it’s “secrets” I’ll stop hating it. I’ve worked with Scientologists and seen behind the curtain there. There is no “There” There. Just paranoia and self-sustaining self-delusion.

Poor Will, his career was doing well, why did he feel the need to drink the Kool-aid?

Didn’t he see this?

Artist Spotlight: Andy Warhol Eats a Hamburger

If this video proves anything, it proves that Any never had a job in food service. Smack the side of the bottle damn it, you set the sauce free with a good smack on the side of the bottle.

Can you see how much packaging was on the burger? Wow, we suck, don’t we?

I guess things are better now, right?