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You have been Phished

It seems that the flood of people clicking on links from emails that purport to be from banks continues unabated.  Please visit these links and protect yourself from Phishing, okay?  Oh, and if you are using windows and Internet Explorer 5 or 6, upgrade to Firefox, Opera  or IE7, your computer and bank account will thank you.

Web Stats Since Hack

Web Stats Since Hack, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

With the redirect I have in place, these should be the last stats I see from this hack, but on Thursday someone used my uploads system to create a phishing website and by Sunday their phishing email was out there.

I’ve redirected the phished URLs to an anti-phishing advice site but I’m fairly freaked out by the sheer number of folks who have been taken in by this.

Over 500 people have clicked through, 450+ since I removed the hacked content.

This sucks for them, it really does.

I was hacked!

I was hacked and for a couple days, without my knowledge was used for phishing. I don’t have logs that go far enough back to show when it happened beyond on the 15th and for the most part I don’t care when it happened. I just got rid of the files as fast as possible and wiped out the directories.

I asked my provider to go ahead and pass along any information about the breach to paypal who asked for logs and so on.

Maybe I should have kept the files?

Hopefully no one was taken in by the scammers.