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You have been Phished

It seems that the flood of people clicking on links from emails that purport to be from banks continues unabated.  Please visit these links and protect yourself from Phishing, okay?  Oh, and if you are using windows and Internet Explorer 5 or 6, upgrade to Firefox, Opera  or IE7, your computer and bank account will thank you.

If you see this and you clicked on a link from an email; you have been “phished”.  The email did not come from, Kevin Wardrop or anyone representing us.

Let me express my sincere apologies to you as my site was hacked to include fake websites that criminals wanted to use to dupe folks like yourself.

I discovered the breach and cleaned it up, but I added this page to explain what you are seeing.

Here’s what happened:

  1. Someone located my “uploads” directory and found that they could write files there, exploiting my website.
  2. They created fake websites and put them in my uploads directory
  3. They send out spam to people and included a link to these fake websites.
  4. People visited these fake websites and hopefully were redirected to my main website (due to the redirect rules in place on my website)
  5. Most people were sent to my photos on the web (thus a picture of my wife biting my arm has had a few hits on flickr, thanks scammers!)
  6. I discovered the break-in when looking at my web stats, and removed the offending content.
  7. I was contacted earlier in the day (via email) by an injured party and by Michael from Kaspersky Labs (who’s email was marked as spam by my email host) but by the time I saw their mail I had already cleaned things up.
  8. I fixed the redirect to point here so you could see this.

Again, I am very sorry that you have been taken in by a spam/phishing email and redirected here instead of your bank or paypal or some other important site. I wish that I had better secured my site and avoided this.

Special shout out and thanks to the proactive folks at Kaspersky Labs.

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