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Old Content is Old

I spent a few hours yesterday converting old VOX posts into WordPress Posts.  These posts were also propagated to my LJ and all over my social map.  Sorry guys.

Some of the old posts have images that work, some do not.  I’ll update them as needed with original flickr content.

I skipped over a bunch of content in favor of leaving it on LJ.  So don’t expect reposts of anything that came from me between June 2007 and June 2008.  I also left out a number of QOTD posts from vox as they didn’t really say anything about me.

In total, I added nearly 100 new posts to this blog and tagged a them all with “vox” (afaik) so if you are new to my blog(s) or just want to stalk me a bit more effectivley, go ahead and look through my archives.

Thanks for visiting!

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