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Day: August 7, 2006

Middle Name

What’s your middle name?  Is there a story or history behind it?

I don’t have a middle name, but my first name is interesting.
[Kevin] was not my ‘rents first choice, their first choice was Kenneth. After a famous footballer, Kenneth Dalglish a member of the Celtic Football Club (Glasgow, Scotland, God Bless them all)

Anyway, Kenny apparently left the club and my Dad was so disgusted that they changed my name, which apparently means “Handsome One” in Gaelic, so, yeah, awesome. [Gaelic: ‘comely birth’, Saint Kevin founded Glendalough 618 ad]

Better than the Original?

What is your favorite cover song?
Question submitted by Ray.

Easy “Whiskey in the Jar – By Metallica”

While I love the Thin Lizzy recording (which I’m not sure is the original but c’est la vie), Metallica put such an awesome spin to it you just can’t help but get into it.

The close second (Blasphemy) “Faith” by “The Boy Least likely to” [do not miss the chance to listen to it loud].  This is a great cover for the Q Magazine goes to the 80s collection (and a B-Side I think) How often are you going to hear a song you can dance to that has banjos and a song you can sing along with? Inspired!  Faith reminds me of my last few years in grade school and my first years of High School.  These are mostly bitter memories, but there is some sweet there too. I was and still am a giant dork after all.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention “Behind Blue Eyes” by “Limp Bizkit”  I really love that cover.  Damn me.

Movies Landmark my Life

Today we were discussing the way I sometimes use movies landmark my life.  I do it with songs too, but movies mark a number of parts of my life.

Earthquake or Sinbad mark my earliest memories of the movies.  With Jaws being the first movie that scared the crap out of me.

Alien will always remind me of the seldom-visited basement of my Aunt and Uncles house.

Love and a .45 will always remind me of parties in Bruce County and New Years in particular.

The Princess Bride, Clueless, Babe, Pocahontas, Aladdin, The Lion King and Clerks will always remind me of my First Real (grown up) love, and The Great Mouse Detective too. We shared alot of first view of movies and things.

For some reason National Lampoons Senior Trip and Interview with a Vampire will always remind me of meeting my wife.  However it is the song “Enjoy the Silence” is more meaningful there.

I’m sure I could dig deeper and deeper, how Jay and Silent Bob remind me of some friends (Brian, Pete and Twwly). The movie Exit to Eden reminds me of my Friends Angie and Lynette.

We all have these associations, I’m sure in your life there is a phrase from our common cultural lexicon that will forever remind you of someone or something you think about from time to time.

The Song “Now is the Time” that is used all over the place in Happy Hardcore reminds me of my best man “Shawn” and the phrase “He’ll be okay in 15 minutes, but I wouldn’t give him any doughnuts” reminds me of Chris, my best friend from home.
Yeah.  I’ve got a lot of memories and it’s true what you all have said, the bad ones tend to fade as I get older and it is sweet.

Good Morning

It was a decent enough weekend, and I got a good sleep last night.  I’ve been banging away this morning at an ISA install in a VM.  It is simply not cooperating.

It is the 11th anniversary of the first time I saw “The Great Mouse Detective”  YAY!