The Snakes on a Plane Drinking Game

Players: At Least 2, don’t be a loser.

Setting: House or Bar with a Big Enough TV  and enough table space to hold at least a pint of beer each or multiple good spirits type drinks (Rum and Coke, Vodka and Orange that type of thing)

[spoilers in white]

Rules (Basic):

  1. Every time someone swears, take a swig
  2. Every time you see an exposed breast/nipple, big swig
  3. Every time you see a splash of blood, take a big gulp and burp.  Failure to burp means you have to chug.

Rules(Advanced if you are sober still):


  1. Every time an unamed archtype dies, finish your drink (Fat Lady, annoying guy, yappy dog, burnt out cop). Last one to finish their drink starts and drinks half od their next drink.
  2. Big Gulp when Sam Jackson makes a big speech.
  3. Chug if a named character dies.
  4. Big Gulp when Sam Jackson tells the guy to stay safe/listen to Sam/repeat something Sam said.
  5. Big Gulp when Sam shares a moment with the Flight Attendant.
  6. Finish your drink when turbulence throws someone around.
  7. Finish your drink when someone opens the door without the special code or when the special code fails.
  8. Everyone drinks as much beer as they can when the
    windows are blown out and the snakes are flying out the window, stop when the cockpit door is closed, the person who drinks the most beer is the winner (or loser)

  9. Extra Rule: if you are still totally sober, chug for every failed hand slap and any time the annoying rapper complains or winces due to germs.

What a letdown, not enough swearing

007Ben and I went over to the GateWay mall to see “Snakes on a Mutha-F’in Plane

It was a good ride, it hit most of the notes you would expect from a thriller-horrer B-Flick.  It had grusome death, gratuitous sex and implausibly bad plotting.  All good right?  Excellent scares, big snake death scenes, the english dude kacks it. (Spoilers to the left here).

I loved that the guy from Keenen and Kel was named Troy; it was such a whitebread name for his character, the video game nerd-cum-bouncer.  A cast of real young hollywood stars would have ruined this flick, so the girl who played uh, the girl from Clueless, was a good choice.  There is a song that name-checks myspace in the second act, listen for it.

The only thing it lacked was swearing, it really fell down there.  Why didn’t the young couple use more colorful language?  Why so little “Holy S#8#” when bit?  Why so much screaming?  After a while it was just scream scream scream. I don’t think anyone swore in the 30 minutes before Sam Jackson spoke the immortal line.

I was kinda let down by that. 

The scares were great and the shocks were real, especially the last ones.  Good job on this one.  A drinking game would be great for it, make X person chug when they jump, etc.

My First Car

Tell us a little something about your first car.  Do you have any photos you can share?
Submitted by tamara.

I do have pictures of my first car, when it still looked okay.

It was a midnight blue 1988/89 Ford Tempo.

However, you don’t care about that, seriously.  It drove my up and down from Toronto to Kincardine to see my friends and carted me to work and school during the week.  All of which is pretty standard stuff.

You want to hear about why it had a two-tone hood;  which I wish I had a picture of.

It must have been February 1995 or 1996, I was driving home from Toronto on a snowy February morning after working at RPS and being away since the morning before.  I was excioted to see my “friends” and get the weekend started.  I was also driving into the sun and really tired.

As I crested a hill in a small town on highway 9 I ran right into the back of a snowmobile trailer.  The only thing I rememebr about it is seeing the hood of my car buckled up in front of me.

Dazed, I went to the nearest store to call my ‘rents and tell them I had had an accident.  The police showed up and almost charged me with reckless driving, but instead gave me following too closely.  I’m sure I was crying about it or something, I was so out of it.

I drove home, freaked out and hoping the car would limp home.  I was promptly informed that the car was to be taken to the Jones house, as they had a garage and I was going to be without a car all weekend while we found a replacement hood.  While driving there, the hood flipped up and bent out of true, a total write-off.

I noted up there that I was there to see my “friends” as none of them made the slightest effort to come see me.  Which proved to be the nail in the coffin for a number of relationships for me. Too bad for them.

We eventually found a hood from a similiar car (a white taurus) that har wrapped it’s rear passenger side around a pole, killing the passenger that was there.  Nice huh?

We got the parts back to the garage and used a come-ahead to pull some of the kinks from the body and set about attaching the bone white hood to my midnight blue car.  It fit with some elbow grease and I had a driveable car again.

With some other work (lights and cosmetic work) I was back on the road to Toronto and school and work.

I wish that this was the end, since the white hood looked stupid, but not challenged.

I tried to paint the hood.  I bought some matching paint from the local Canadian Tire (spray cans) and set about trying to cover the white with the proper midnight blue.  I had no illusions that it would be perfect, but I never thought that I would use more than 6 cans.

So I had a hood with white on one half and blue on the other. For about 6 months.  I was pretty poor.

Once I finished the paint job it still looked bad up close, but from a distance it was deal-able.

I ended up driving ther car almost into the ground, and with the help of a crooked garage I was constantly funnelling money into it.  SO in March 1997 I gave it away to my Sister and Borther-in-Law to sell.

I loved that car, and have a number of fond memories attached to it, losing it meant losing a great deal of freedom.  Oh well, I have a new car now.  Bon Chance!