Hello Cleveland

If you had a band, what would you call yourselves?
Question submitted by Zoot.

If I had a band I’d call it “Cindy Mae’s Cheerleader Atrocity Engine

The only music I have any talent with is electronic and glitch-noise based, I’d almost have to confine myself to the “emo-techno” genre. With a name like that though, I’d sure sell a great deal of t-shirts.  Maybe even have an organization like the PMRC come after me.  That’d be sweet.

I have been in a band before though, even released a couple of tracks solo.

If you ever hear some lame techno stuff labeled as by “KWCrush” or “BBCrush” you might be listening to one of my old tracks (1994-1996) produced in 4 tracks with an old 386 and a tape deck, using live samples from my answering machine, television and the radio.  Good times.

“i don’t wanna”  was my best track.

Ah Flippin' Heck

The mild “stuffed with walnuts and meat” feeling I had in my sinuses yesterday afternoon became, “overflowing with meat” in the evening requiring doses of pain medication to deal with it.  My head felt like it was being pressed open by a mass of ever-expanding meat.  (Still kinda does)

I’ve got some kind of head-cold and it meant that this morning I stayed home and attended a meeting from bed.  I went back to sleep and caught about 10 hours of sleep in total.
I don’t feel *that* much better now, but I don’t think I’ll need pain medicaton to deal.