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A Movie Bijou-y

I’ve always associated the “Bijou” theater name with the “Gay Theater” in any town.  The type of theatre you’d see primary boy-on-boy action in a movie.

Safe to say, that’s not my type of flick, it’s right for some given that there appears to be a large amount of it being produced (if LiveJournal is any indicator)

The Bijou in Eugene is housed in what I understand is a former church with the screen in an actual chapel.  It’s essentially a very large television, stereo sound only.  This does not detract from the movies in any way, please do not feel that it might.  In Eugene, the Bijou is the “Art Theater” where movies like “An Inconvenient Truth” and “American Hardcore” may show.  They appear to show “Battle Royale” alot and I’d really like to see it on a big screen, maybe sometime in the future.

007Ben and I went to see “A Scanner Darkly (2006)” today, I really loved it. I know a number of people will (and have) accuse me of loving almost every film I see; I have broad and forgiving tastes [I love Jackass and Kevin Smith Movies so sue me] but this film was great.  It wasn’t too mind bending though, I had expected more discussion of identity and self, and I sussed the real “plot” way too early, but I really enjoyed the performances.  Woody Harrelson was great, Keanu turned in his best GoodDamon impression to date and Robert Downey Jr. did a GREAT job as the Engineer/Chemist/Tweaker that foiled Keanu Reeves‘ character.  Winona Rider turned out a great prformance as the Girlfriend, but I think she was under-utilized.
The real standout character on screen [in my mind] was “Freck” played by Rory Cochrane.  Freck is our typical down-on-his-luck hapless druggie. There are bugs all over him and his imagiantion is graphic and twisted.  Even his suicide is a bust.  He is the “loser” amongst the troupe of drugged out losers.  The Rotoscoping on the movie is used to best effect on him, as his face is one of constant disgust, until it turns to beafatic bemusement as his litany of sins is read to him by a multidinous-eyed mosnter from another dimension.  All-in-all it was a fine movie and I expect to snag the DVD ASAP.

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