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Boy am I glad

I have such a great storage tank.

I haven’t had a bite to eat in, uh, it’s 12:22PM Monday, Right?  So it’s been (conservativley) 40 hours since I ate last.  I wonder how long I can go before I need to eat again?

I have been living on water, Green Tea and 2 vitamins.  Somewhere in the next day or so I want to  eat, but I wonder if I can go 48 full hours before I eat?  Probably, I carry about 120 pounds of extra body weight, right?
I still ache all over, like I’ve been lifting weights all day and I can’t talk. I mean at all, talking wears me out.  I get out of breath and have to take a little break.  It must have been all the vomitting, I dunno.  My whole chest is one big pain.

My stomach doesn’t hurt anymore, I’ll probably eat when I actualy get hungry.  I’ve been sweetening my Green Tea with sugar, that is probably why I haven’t been hungry at all.
I text’d Dan late last night (well, early this morning) sorry Chief, I wanted to make sure I passed on the info to you.

I slept well last night, I expect I’ll be in the office tomorrow.  I probably would have went in today, except for the no talking thing, which kind of puts a cramp on my “talking-centered” job.

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