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Various Stuff and Thoughts

I had a great nap earlier, slept right through House.  I have most of the episodes recorded so it’s no big loss.

Dead like me is back on TV, so NiteGirl is totally psyched and recording them obssessivley. I’m thinking I know what to get her for Christmas this year, SOCKS.

It was pretty busy at work today, and I’ve been a little sick (some kind of head cold) so my patience has been pretty worked.  I’m going to have to sleep better tonight, especially since I have a meeting at 8am for a product group I have nothing to do with.  Fun stuff.

My burn from the weekend still hurts in places, but the one on my forhead is crfacking in peeling, I should be a barrel of laughs tomorrow.

I’m almost done with “The Human Condition” which is just a series of short stories, I’ve based through about 13 Graphic novels and 25 issues of JSA in between. I really should focus on one book at a time.

I’ve got to get back on WoW this week, hopefully snagging more of my Wildheart set.  I have the gloves and bracers now. I also have the entire volcanic set on.  It’s nice to have the extra buffs.

I’ve almost recovered my itunes collection and was pretty choosey on it.  When I’m done I’ll back it up to my external drive and feel a great deal better.

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