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Day: October 7, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-10-07

  • @templesmith Yah, Venture Brothers is pretty much awesome. Season 2 was the best thus far imho, but Season 1 & 3 were great too! in reply to templesmith #
  • Dear Popstar, whom I have previously enjoyed the music of, your new music is teh suck. Find better producers, quick! #
  • “teh Suck” is an intentional Malapropism borne from the Internet, like pwn or LoL. #
  • @DrCrypt Well, R U HAPPi? LoL in reply to DrCrypt #
  • I’ve spent some of this morning writing about myself. I have written three pages of mostly single spaced text. I think that may be enough #
  • I still remember when you cried at the Jay’s game and said you lost your money, we all gave you 10 bucks each, you ended up with over $100! #
  • Out of Space – Do you remember this one? #
  • @happyguy popular posts. in reply to happyguy #
  • Bobby Lee May – three names and angry, he doesn’t drive a camaro does he? #
  • @seanbonner The sad thing is some of those things that are tacked on are awesome and beneficial to the populous as a whole, just bad timing. in reply to seanbonner #
  • Appointment at 2Pm across town, gotta go soon #
  • Back from appointment, everything appears alright. #
  • Sure Fire way to make a movie good; cast William Fichtner in it. Note I said “Good” you have to add Leland Orser to make it Awesome. #
  • @RevNathan MC Chris was in town at the Transformers premiere the night Ben and I went, we passed him and his group and it was NEEEERRRDS! in reply to RevNathan #
  • @somerled Waiting for the housing market to crash to the floor before looking into a house for my family. in reply to somerled #
  • Quick Block @tanje91 <- Spammeroooo #
  • Ground Beef, Mashed potatoes, peas, carrots = hearty dinner. #
  • I didn’t unpack my laptop after getting back from my appointment and now it seems silly to even think about it (4 minutes to go) #

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