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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-31

  • I didn’t get a picture; but someone left a pile of burning boxes and so on along Wellington north of Comish. Crazy #
  • Grrrr… I was hoping for a happy Hallowe’en today. I know there are still a bunch of hours in the day; but it’s not starting well. #
  • BTW “Dead Set” Is REALLY Scary. Good Job Beeb! #
  • Q: “What ever happened to that secular golden virtue called tolerance?” A: Tolerance doesn’t mean I can’t poke fun at the ridiculous. #
  • OH, I forgot this last night; Technology that is in operation now is not “The Future” it’s “State of the Art”, the “Future” hasn’t happened. #
  • I Should write the next part to “Lights out” #
  • This Ping Pong is making me thirsty #
  • I’m gonna stand out and say I like the new facebook… nyah. #
  • Is it okay for me to think of @maddow as a “Chirpy Gay Liberal” if I think that it is both flattering and completely positive? #
  • OKay CBC, no more Wine talk, you’ve stretched it out SO FARRRRR #
  • D’OY: #
  • In the battle of @chairboy vs @RevNathan I declare @RevNathan the winrar! I am not impressed with the tapiness of the Alien Queen. #
  • Happy Hallowe’en is here! W00T! #

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