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Day: March 10, 2009

The Dark Reign begins drowned in Internet Memes

Black Widow Makes Fap
Hey Guys! What do you think of the black latex battlesuit I'm wearing?

While I’m sure that Marvel folks are aware how the sound effect FAP is received on the Internets; I’m thinking they were trying to illustrate the sound of those guns landing.

Or are they?

Is this a subtle message from the Marvel art department?  PREPARE FOR A MASTURBATORY CONTINUITY WANK FEST DURING DARK REIGN?  No?  I wish it was.

The Dark Reign Concept is a good idea; but it would have been better had it started before the whole Skrull invasion; the Skrull invasion was just kind of pointless and directionless.  It set up some nice tension points, but it would have been just as easy to limit it to the major characters who had been replaced; without the need for the whole crossover.

Dark Reign has gotten off to a fairly good start, with Normon Osborne making nice in front of President Obama… yup, he’s there in Thunderbolts 128 talking to Doc Sampson and looking to get to work fixing the economy (after the Skrulls and not the former President or Tony Stary wrecked it)

With Norman Osborne running roughshod over the Marvel Big Titles and making it a crime to be a superhero at all (TAKE THAT PRO-REGISTRATION FORCES!) I’ll be reading all of these titles; but I’m looking forward tothe collected volumes with more anticipation than I did the Skrull Invasion.  This feels like a real follow-up to Civil War and I’m looking forward to Steve Rogers return.

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  • How the genders in mu house viewed Twilight | Me: “Are they Stupid?” | Jen: “SQEEE! Oh My God, I have to change my underwear.” #
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