Crossed 4: Now with more Phallus related Visual Gags

Iff his press is to be believed, this man is known as Horsecock
If his press is to be believed, this man is known as Horsecock

Jacen Burrows and Garth Ennis set things up for us so well, Global Disaster, murderously horny Rednecks and a rag-tag group of people trying (I guess) to get to Alaska ( if they don’t believe that Alaskans wouldn’t gleefully join in on the Crossed-in-Blood rape and killing spree, they haven’t see Levi’s myspace page).  Our survivors have murdered children (as punishment for cannibalism) and apparently killed any number of psycho rednecks.  They have survived fallout from nuclear explosions and let’s face it the exploding poulations of aggrsive, meat hungry carnivores that have no-doubt set to reproducing in Noahesque numbers.

The Crossed appear to be cannibals, so they’re not hunting.

Anyway, at least issue four has our heroes moving in a direction rather than sort of just hanging around shooting kindergartners.

They have come to this:

Fun in a post Cross-ed World
Fun in a post Cross-ed World

The Crossed are using their victims for sport.

They get entertainment from the following, Rape, killing, dismemberment and apparently survivor style closed-room brawls.    The crossed are MMA fans of a particularly cruel stripe it appears.

This issue filled me with two emotions, dread (because it appears that the Crossed have among them the gleeful sadists that appear in all post-apocalyptic ficiton) and dread because this sets up a plot line that feels unnecessary.   The whole world is out to get our heroes (who I remind you will survive as this is being told in past tense) why set up Horsecock like this?

One point, at least the male lead isn’t bedding random women throughout, please applaud Mr. Ennis for skipping this pointless trope of PA fiction!

  • Davide

    Agreed. The pseudo zombie apocalypse has been used to te bone. Sometime, however, someone has a stroke of genius and manages to make something entirely original from it, such as in I am legend (the book, not the movie.)
    But sadly, this isn’t the case. The entire plot seems to be just an excuse to show in detail the atrocities committed by the crossed.
    I don’t know, maybe the story is going somewhere, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be following it.

    Sorry if you don’t understand something of what I’ve written, english is not my mother tongue.

  • Jojo

    This isn’t about zombies. The killing of children wasn’t a punishment.
    This is about what we all think. Only in this comic, the crossed do as they please. This is about showing the horrible murderous rage that lies underneath us all. And setting it loose.

  • If murder and pillage was the nature of humanity; why would society ever form. No, the nature of humanity is to form tribes of mutual protection and violence is an aberration; not a natural state.

    The Crossed are that aberration writ large; but they don’t represent our current ID; only the potential of it.

    The Kids were killed for being cannibals; like I say, societies of mutual protection. If the Crossed die off or society re-establishes itself those children could never have returned to it.