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Month: March 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-05

  • Is it wrong for me to bark “Cry” every time I watch a Glenn Beck clip? I figure he cries when someone, anywhere says “bad things” about him #
  • The Colbert Method; as “news commentary” #
  • Discussed some video ideas with Jen, something using B-Roll footage of random stuff… could be good. #
  • I am listening to Beastie Boys – Slow And Low #
  • I think this reviewer is projecting: “In the book, of course, you never actually saw his smaller than average genitals move” Guess the Movie #
  • If the First Rule of London IT Fight Club is “No Teardrop attacks” what is the second rule? #
  • I am listening to Tori Amos – Cornflake Girl #
  • Ryan, this is for you: #
  • After hours of hacking away… the defaults make it work? Damn. #
  • Okay, so the defaults were not the answer, but they were a big part of it. That’s a great deal of wasted time though. No ADS central FTW #

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Blasphemy: Clark Kent is not a Costume

Clark Kent is a persona Superman puts on to hide his real identity”

I’ve seen this in various forms over the years, mostly from “Comic Fans”  that is to say skinny legged hipsters and dudes with soul-patches with no double-chin to hide.  It’s the dissembling of Supermand versus Batman that places them as opposite ends of the Heroic Spectrum; where Superman is the Natural State of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne is the natural State of Batman.

This is so far from correct that it would take a series of GPS Units to Lead you back to almost correct.

While Superman may be naturally super-powered and simply taking advantage of his extraterrestrial birth; he isn’t “Superman” because of his powers.  Superman is Superman because he was Clark Kent first.  That’s why Clark Kent is so convincing to the people around him; that is the natual state of Superman.  He may be the premier superhuman of the DC universe, but Superman relaxes by doing crosswords with Lois Lane in bed, not tossing Meteors at passing Comets (just in case).

Batman, or “The Batman” relaxes by pulling on his cowl and beating up muggers.  An Ideal night for Bruce Wayne, going 12 hours without being called Bruce or Master Wayne once.  Batman is the Natural State of Bruce Wayne, Bruce Wayne is a costume “The Batman” wears when he wants to get things done.  He also moves around disguised as criminals.

Writers come and go for these two Characters; but the fundamentals have been fairly solid since the mid-eighties.  Superman is a powerful homebody named Clark Kent who loves his mommy and goes home to his wife at every opportunity.  Bruce Wayne is the farcical personality that the Batman has adopted to allow his activities to be funded and provide the means for his crusade to continue; The Batman barely tolerates Bruce Wayne and would NEVER go home if he could hack it.

I should keep comics on hand for these rants.  Oh Well.

This is not how Batman Died
This is not how Batman Died

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-04

  • OpenLDap Authentication working as required! Finally! I had some bad options set in the ldap.conf file (extraneous ones really) #
  • In order to save a few bucks, and to wait for the more convenient opening of the local gym, my membership will start April 1…no foolin; #
  • I am listening to The Zombies – Time of the Season #
  • Rebuilding and Documenting OpenLDAP setup…. going really well, but it’s time consuming #
  • Dear Tim Hortons, I appreciate the chance to play again, but why do you keep giving free stuff to the guy I am Picking Coffee up for? WHY? #
  • Running updates on my test client, about an hour to go. Shoot! #
  • Did I mention that my landlord wants 350 bucks for the toilet? I can’t argue that nothing we did caused it, but it I still hate it. #
  • Gonna go take in the sights, really hot in here. Back soon. #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-03

  • I am listening to The Tragically Hip – Fifty-Mission Cap #
  • The Short Story that’s been buggig me for years, “Petra” by Greg Bear…. check it out, will you? #
  • Could there be a smaller, less ambitious version of this? #
  • I can sign up for Good-Life fitness for the year, it will cost me 37 bucks a month… is that a good rate, is it worth it? #
  • I am listening to Nine Inch Nails – All The Love In The World #
  • Building a new VM for an OpenLDAP setup Project Status: DeRailed and Restarted…. Mysql Authentication proved needlessly complex #
  • 59 of 103 updates to install on a “bare” system, LoL #
  • I am listening to Muse – Apocalypse Please #
  • I am listening to Muse – Supermassive Black Hole #
  • I am listening to Muse – Take A Bow #

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The Snow, The!

Early March weather looks good
Early March weather looks good

The Snow is getting ready to come back!  Damn!  It’s mostly gone; but it’s bitterly cold here in London, but look at that forecast!  It looks like the temperature is going to come up above 10 for a a couple days this week; that’s almost shorts weather around here!

Icy Drops

After the snow is gone, we’ll see less of this!