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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-18

  • Up at 10, Lunch at noon, Dinner at Midnight? LoL #
  • It’s getting kinda cool in here, closing windows! #
  • Thanks internet #
  • I have produced pseudo-roti for dinner tonight…. they are wrapped for me to eat later. #
  • Fixing ReWrite Rules…. #
  • Now I’m torn, anyone going to see the Hip at Harris Park #
  • AH, finally my picture is up to date,,,, ReWrite rule is still not working #
  • It is impossible to read the host name the user is connecting to before the SSL handshake is complete… damn #
  • When I was out for a break I realized that I have dishes to clean when I get home… at 2:20 or so in the morning. Being a Bachelor sucks #
  • Ignoring the dead weight #
  • Cleaned up the writing section of my blog… don’t miss Project Billy! #
  • This whiskeyy isn’t fit for human consumption! I think my mouth is about to melt #
  • Goodnight all; no more tweeting or facebook for me tonight…. #
  • Okay, one more post. Spammer blocked! the same name again spammer? Creativity fail! #
  • Good Night All, for real this time. Happy Birthday to Josie! #

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