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Day: May 30, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-05-30

  • @Ultramegakungfu Where are you going? #
  • Note to self: De-friend that hypocrite #
  • Best Words I’ve read in a while: Max Brooks at the Avatar booth giving away free chapter of his upcoming Zombie Survival Guide graphic novel #
  • We had Chinese for lunch and now my first contract timesheet has been approved, now to wait for my first paycheck #
  • All alone- Entertain me! #
  • Sorry, Computer, Entertain me! #
  • moved some hardware today, the long walk to the other office didn’t seem too bad when it was so nice outside #
  • I get a thrill when I “friend” people I admire; even more so when they reciprocate. I’m a bit shallow that way. #
  • Heading home after week 2 at contract job. Good week #

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I know the pain of a Gizmodo Editor

How my wife castrated my DVD collection

I know Mark feels. When we moved down to the states, I had to save space so I moved all of my DVDs into big CD wallets and threw out a number of VHS tapes (but put some into storage at my ‘rents).

When we were moving back we decided to sell the DVDs that we weren’t going to watch again and still ended up with three boxes of DVDs.

I don’t think I could part with the cases now though, I like the idea of displaying all of my DVDs on big shelves where we can easily pull them and watch at our leisure.  Add to that my 5 disc platter player and you get nice easy viewing of whole DVD sets and so on.

I guess what separates me from Mark is that it was my decision to castrate my collection.

What games are you playing?

On My PC I’m playing:

Rise of Legends

Postal 2 (plus mods)

Turret Defense Games

Hellgate: London

On my 360 I’m playing:

Rock Band

Halo 3

Rez HD

What are you playing?