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Month: May 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-05-27

  • Busy morning, been to the plant already. Going off to IBM building in a bit. #
  • Finished decommissioning laptops this AM. Will move them to storage soon. #
  • Heading out to IBM building, back soon! #
  • back from IBM, miss me? #
  • Rebuilding a Laptop #
  • Killed Virus! #

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Another Alley in London

Another Alley, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Thus far London has been a treasure trove of things to look at, alleys and buildings and trees and ponds and and and….

I’m looking forward to having more time to explore the city when Jen and I are more liquid, instead of hiding monk-like in the house when we have no cash.

Take this alley for example, I’d have loved to get on with more images of this alley (or at least took more time on the shot)

This alley was full of neat lines and colors, I think one could pull a few really iconic images just from a couple shots of it.

Yes, I think I’m happy here in London.

It's Commander Rick!

Some judicious Google video searches led me to some Prisoners of Gravity episodes online:

For the uninitiated, the young, the vain or the American; Prisoners of Gravity was THE genre fiction discussion program from the 80s to early 90s (it followed me through High School guaranteeing that I would never be “cool” at my rural high school). If you were a fan of any kind of Genre ficiton of any sort, with comics and sci-fi as a preference then Prisoners of Gravity was your mecca. I remember being excited when Commander Rick would interview the Cyberpunk luminaries like William Gibson and Bruce Sterling (The Difference Engine) and authors like Alan Moore (Judge Dredd) or Neil Gaiman (Black Lotus).

I strongly encourage you (if you are a fan) to check out “Prisoners of Gravity” online at google video and enjoy what us kids in the know (and not americans) were able to enjoy way back when.

I know those were their less famous works, which is why I chose them.

Twitter Updates for 2008-05-26

  • Good morning, had to press my shirt today, thanks to Nitegirl for pressing my trousers. #
  • Repairing Hp LJ 1100 (Hard to take apart) #
  • Getting ready to test my handiwork, it turned ON so I’m at least 50% of the way there! <laughs> #
  • Looking for parts for the printer… looks like I might be bringing another printer online instead #
  • Looks like I will be putting the LJ in Storage. Shucks #
  • I wish I didn’t feel I needed to plan out my nights along with my days. I should get my house in order tonight. #
  • found my new fave store. Tons of older RPG source books for < $20. #
  • It’s already too warm to carry PCs half a block up a street. #
  • @billdeys I wish I knew, I just sweat all over a guy while installing his new desktop. #
  • Time to update my resume; but for a good reason! #
  • @picard102 re: “underwear weather” yeah it’s sweaty out, I love it though! Better than “Long-coats and thermals weather any day” #

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Layout Redesign and Webcam

I’m going to harmonize the main web page design and the blog sometime in the near future, bring this in line with the “solid-state” feel of the main website. The site itself is just a series of scripts and css so it’s fairly portable and easy to adapt to wordpress (the blog feed on the main site is already wordpress based as it is)

There is entirely too much country on this live365 radio station that I am listening to…but the rest is fine