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Day: November 15, 2008

Activity on 2008-11-15

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The DMV is closed for the weekend, I wonder if Debbie got my calls?
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Yeah, you should prtty much check out the free Amazing Baby ep
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The “Brave and the Bold” Sucked. Boooo
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@RevNathan Cha Ching!
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Weekly Roundup from 2008-11-15

  • Good Monday, I have not slept much; when I did sleep, I had nightmares. I’m stressed over the big change and maybe getting a new car. #
  • Changed all my passwords over here for the last time or at least, for the last time during this contract. #
  • Petrolheads, in terms of a Family Car, at 16,000 Cdn. is a 2008 Grand Prix worth it? Jen is in love with it already, so I may have no choice #
  • Are you there Jah? It’s me Ras Kev. #
  • Neat Tutorials #
  • Must Remember to get second Gt 8500 card on way home from work…. Lol #
  • I know it’s wrong, but I could kill a hot dog with mustard, relish and ketchup… or maybe a burger. What is in the caff. right now? #
  • Snow, again. Damn. #
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Republican Furries #
  • Who is this: “his relentless greed and lack of bass playing talent are definitely basis for a drunken’ stepfather-like beat down” #
  • Got soaked at the dealer…. I really did… payments are deal able but insurance is killer! #
  • A Cell phone for my dad: #
  • As for me, I think I am going to get the “free” blackberry phone, since I can’t justify paying 200 for the iphone. #
  • You know what I can’t wait to do? Drive the new car with my “Top gear Mix” running… that’ll be sweet. #
  • I still don’t know if my “If you kill it, you must refill it” sign is still in the break room near my old desk. #
  • “And the Papers want to know who’s shirt you wear” #
  • Considering who to Insure with, want renters insurance too… #
  • A mostly “not punk” punk movie list: #
  • I’m sorry ifI offend, but: eeewww: #
  • For a month I will be a “9-5″er then I switch to a night owl… I wonder if I will become an albino? #
  • LOL #
  • I could go for pea soup right now, any good “soup” places in London? #
  • Hmm, I think I’ll call a customer or two back and try to close out more tickets. #
  • AS: “Give us the proof of Trig’s maternity now!” #
  • Listening to NWO by Ministry. #
  • Dear Santa; Send me this #
  • Postal workers (in this example) don’t understand the exchange of cash for services #
  • Dear Service Ontario, your Kiosks are convenient and efficient. Good Job! #
  • Oregon Tweeters, can you pick up a driver record for another person in Person? #
  • In Bureaucratic HELL! #
  • If you are ever in ontario license hell, call 1-8003873445, then option 1, then 2, then 0 (maybe) #
  • Oregonians, can someone call the records department and ask if one can expedite a records request with a credit card and a fax number? #
  • That would be a driving record request #
  • Where is Robert Novak? #
  • Johnny Cash to get the Day Going #
  • While I prefer the `Nails’ Version of Hurt; I can do a better Impression of Johnny Cash singing than I can of Trent Reznor, it’s a problem. #
  • Why did we shift to “Superheroes” in the 20th Century? Are Superheroes the modern expression of the same need/want as myths like Hercules? #
  • Ministry “Cover Up” Now…. Johnny Cash, My Chemical Romance, Ministry, Todd Snider …. odd mix today. #
  • neat #
  • I was trying to figure out a Musical that didn’t “suck” I realize that I may have meant “Across the Universe” but E.R.W a sour note in it. #
  • I was trying to figure out a Musical that didn’t “suck” I realize that I may have meant “Across the Universe” but E.R.W was terrible in it! #
  • Transporter 3 (November 26) Holy Crap #
  • “constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil.” = “Material Support for Terrorism” AMIRITE? #
  • Picked up my last laptop on site. About 4 hours from contract end #
  • Re:PickupPal getting fined | They were fined because of the “compensation” part; not because of Ride Sharing. Lurn 2 reeed. #
  • I am going on to my Job Shadowing for my new Job on Monday, I’m not a Computer Janitor anymore, but I think I’ll miss it. #

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