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Short Story: Lights Out Part 5

The roof access stairs were impassible; but it was clear to Patrick that staying on the 25th was going to be a bad idea; he had just heard something wet and horrible happen to his partner over the radio and was sure that he didn’t want it to happen to him.  He leaped over the bloody pools at the bottom of the stairs and caught himself on the railing of the stairs, slick footing preventing a clean landing.  The stairs were gore-laden messes with what appeared to be the remains of dozens of people all over them.  Patrick considered heading back down, but screaming and yelps of pain from behind him spurred him through the grotesque and up onto the roof into the inky, smoky night.

“Chief, this is Patrick Farrel, patrol unit 12, My partner was caught in whatever bingo is going down on 25.  I’m up on the roof to avoid catching whatever caught him!  Chief!?” his radio wasn’t coming back “Unit 12, someone come back?”

“Unit twelve, this is unit 3 on the first, we’re secure down there, what’s your six?”

“Unit 3, the roof lights are out, but there doesn’t appear to be anyone up here.  It’s freaking cold up her Rog.”

“Pat, I got ya.  Keep your head straight and keep an I eye on the roof”

“10-4 Unit 3.  Unit 12 out”

Patrick crunched along the gravel on the roof, and looked over the edge at the city below.  The streets were bathed in yellow and red, smoky and dangerous looking.  Patrick turned back towards the door to the stairs and walked face first into his partner.

“Holy Damn, Jack.  What’s going on, are you alright?”

Jack grabbed hold of Patrick and pushed him towards the edge of the rood, snapping at his face.

“Shit, Jack, what the fuck”

When the light from the fires below lit Jack’s face, Patrick could see that half of it was gone and there was nothing but evil intent in his remaining eye. Jack released Patrick’s shoulder with his right hand and swung a blinding punching into Patrick’s chin, stunning him.  Patrick fell to the gravel next to the short wall around the perimeter of the roof.  Jack began to pummel his partner, bloodying his face; between blows Patrick pulled his pistol from his belt and tried to level it at his partners knees, but Jack slapped it from his hand and over the side of the roof.

Patrick rolled to his left and escaped the rain of blows; kicking Jack’s right knee out from under him.  Jack collapsed towards Patrick who had rolled to his feet and bounced unsteadily way, returning to kick his fallen attacker in the gorey remains of his face. Stomping it.

“Yeah, you like that? Huh?  You like some of this?”

Patrick stomped his former partner until he stopped thrashing around and the wheezing bubbling blood stopped pumping from the ragged edge of his mouth.


“Unit 12, this is Chief.  Come back”

Patrick’s radio was one the ground next to the wall.

“Unit 12, Chief, we’ve got a problem up on the roof; Jack just tried to toss me over the side”

“Come back Unit 12, what was that?”

“Chief, Jack just  tried to eat my face and kick me over the side of the building.  I had to stomp him dead to to get him to lay still”

“Unit 12, do not leave the location.”

“10-4 Chief.  Unit 12 on the roof and waiting.  If whatever got Jack is up here Chief, I don’t want to meet it.  Jack was all fucked up before he got to me, half of his face was gone; like somoeone ripped it off”

“Say again 12?”

“Jack’s face was torn off!”

“Chief on his way”


Patrick sat on the gravel with his back against the wall and stared at the body of his former partner.  Patrick had been the best man at Jack’s wedding.  He was Jack’s kids’ godfather.  Jack’s wife would be devastated.  Patrick coughed a bit in regret, but snapped his flashlight out and began to scan the roof for other surprises.

There was a bloody trail leading to him from the door, but there was no other sign of disturbance on the roof.  Patrick stood up and walked to the door; from behind the door he could hear heavy, but labored footsteps and called out “Chief?”

There was no response, but a grey arm shot up from the gloom; Patrick pointed his flashlight down into the stairwell and immediately slammed the door shut and sat down against it.

“Chief, lock down the 25th, do not enter 25!”

“Unit 12, repeat?”

“Chief, get the 25th locked down.  There are more things like Jack down there, they are all fucked up and dead Chief.  We got zombies or some shit like that on 25!”

Weak arms began to pound the door behind him, they wanted out but couldn’t budge the door.  Patrick braced himself and then ran for Jacks body, Jack’s pistol was still strapped to his waist.  Patrick grabbed the gun and the extra clips stored there and turned to face the monsters pouring from the door.

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