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Well it didn’t snow in September


It didn’t end up snowing in September, which is great.  Not that the weather has been so great in London for the past week, but at least it didn’t snow.

The funny thing is that today I pulled on my layered clothing (undershirts, long trousers and and a sweater) and went outside and thought “The weather is pretty nice out today”  it was kinda warm and sunny.  The extra clothes made it comfortable outside.  I abandoned shorts on Monday for jeans, it’s just too cold.

I think 2007 with it’s very very late summer (right into November) was some kind of evil tease, as this year has been fairly close to COLD ALL THE TIME.

I know the calender means nothing to the weather; but the whole of the summer was a washout, one could only hope for a nice autumn.  No such luck, given the forecast we should be seeing snow on the ground requiring removal by mid to late October.  Some municipalities are going to really suffer this year if the weather doesn’t turn around soon.

Look for local news stories about Snow Removal budgets being drained somewhere before the end of January.

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