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When Myers appeared on “The Daily Show,” the comedian seemed genuinely upset that Jon Stewart didn’t let him set up the unfunny clip of his film. There’s something so cloying about Myers these days — it’s as if he thinks if he repeats a joke often enough, he will wear down the audience into laughing. And his kind of movie — the silly, based-on-a-skit type — seems slightly archaic in the post-“Superbad,” “Knocked Up” world, which feature characters who feel real.

Mike Myers: The antifunny?

Ack! I want to defend Mike Myers so much.  He’s a big boy, so he can stand for himself I’m sure.  I just hate when a comedian gets on the “not funny now” list like this.  It would be different if this column hadn’t pointed at Superbad and Knocked up as examples of with it comedy; then I’d have let this pass unmolested.  But to point to Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill and say “THEY ARE THE FUTURE OF COMEDY” is just wrong.

Over ten years of Kevin Smith wrong.

I liked both of these movies, just like I liked a bunch of other foul-mouthed dick and fart joke movies.  I like dick and fart jokes and can’t deny it.  I also like stupid accents and physical comedy.  Mike Myers has embraced what makes him funny and people have decided “so what else is new?”  Jim Carrey faced this when he tried to put his brand of humor into established places and failed (which made the whole cat in the hat thing kind of puzzling to me really)  Mr. Carrey tried to turn what had made “Fire Marshal Bill” “My, Myself & Irene” funny into something that could pass from movie to movie; forgetting the humanity that the Characters were hapless losers that won out in the end.

Mr. Myers might want to stretch himself more in the future though, as it appears he is going to be castigated for doing what television sitcoms do for years on end, giving the audience more of the same with the same cast and so on.  This afflicts a bunch of comedians, and kind of seperates the comedy fans from the deliatants, the die hards will accept more of the same if it is still funny and the masses just want something new and possibly shocking. Which is why “I don’t want to offend you…” by Bobcat Goldwaith was a hit with standup fans and no more than a blip on the radar of the general public.  It was more of the same, but the delivery and material was so great, who cares that you knew all the punchlines?

I like to think of great comedy like I think of great music, you can hear the same phrases and motions over and over and still enjoy it.  Sometimes you can find new textures and flavours in it.  I think that Mr. Myers has tried to put a new spin on an old act and found people don’t want a new spin, they just want new.

Ghost Ride it

"Feel the Penance Stare"

I really should have shot this against a dark background… Oh Well!

NiteCat, NiteGirl and I hit the theater yesterday and watched “Ghost Rider”.  There was a line outside, leading us to worry that we would be late for the film and that we had greatly underestimated the drawing power of “Ghost Rider”

We were wrong on two counts.

1) We got in to the actual theater in time to see the end of the Spider man 3 trailer.
2) We greatly underestimated the drawing power of “Wild Hogs”.

I could not believe the stream of Nascar driven humanity that was waiting to see “Wild Hogs”, and openly celebrating it.


Anyway, Ghost Rider was great.  It meshed the Dan Ketch and Johnny Blaze Ghost Riders into one.  It was a good movie, lots of action and good special effects.  NiteCat LOVED it.

Nick Cage was great as Johnny Cage (giving him a chance to be Elvis on a Motorbike without singing)

The ONLY thing I hated was that Donal Logue was killed.  No love for the redhead scotsman?

Jeff and Kevin: 28 Days Later is NOT a Zombie Movie

I am psychic, I swear

shuggothmstr1: I got to see 28 Days Later, Loved it
shuggothmstr1: Not a Zombie Movie Though, they weren’t dead
mistermurdertoys: yes they were
shuggothmstr1: No they weren’t
mistermurdertoys: yes they were
shuggothmstr1: if they were dead blowing off extremities wouldn’t hinder them then, right?
mistermurdertoys: believe what you want
shuggothmstr1: They didn’t work like zombies in Zombie flicks… as far as I am concerned, simply not a zombie flick, at least not a conventional one, and therefore a far superior movie all around, really loved the part where Jim thumbs the bad guy
mistermurdertoys: And since when are you an expert on zombie flicks? I think I have seen far more of them then you have. in most european zombie movies they aren’t the shambling slow things you seem to think they are in every movie
shuggothmstr1: I’ll just let it drop then, shall I?
mistermurdertoys: :P
mistermurdertoys: well it’s not an American movie, don’t expect george romeros rules
shuggothmstr1: I really enjoyed the flick, and that’s enough said on the matter one way or the other. It was well filmed, had an engaging cast and the drama was well played. The score was awesome, as was the sound track. The sound design was awesome…
shuggothmstr1: It was awesome, those guys should be commended for a fine fine movie

Seriously, I saw this argument coming up the street like it had bells and a whistle

GTA3 — Be a Bad Man!

Grand theft Auto 1 & 2 sucked

I thought I might say that right off the top to ensure that readers would know where I come from when I am speaking about the Grand Theft Auto Series.

I abhor the idea that there are games out there that glorify crime in the way that these games have done in the past. Add to that fact that the games went out of their way to insult the player and you have a formula for suck cess.

All that aside, I have to say that Grand Theft Auto Three (GTA3) is a major leap forward in the series in terms of fun; sadly not much in terms of content.

I have truly enjoyed being the misanthrope that I always wanted to be, thus far. Since I haven’t given much thought to the actual missions et al, I may have missed the real meat of the game. Perhaps not. In any measure, this game has been real fun and I suggest that any adult check it out. Please keep out of the hands of small children.

Ten most Shocking Revalations in Star Wars Episode 2

Presented for your entertainment and in no way meant to infringe upon the copyrighted materials we blatently rip off already: The Top Ten Most Shocking Revelations in Star Wars Episode Two: Attack of the clones!

10. Luke and Leia were not fathered by Darth Vader as previously revealed, but instead Padme was impregnated by a confused Obi-Wan just back from another “visit” to the bars on Corsuicant.

9. Mace Windu is more than just a bad ass Jedi, he also moonlights as a singer in Jabbas Pleasure Dome.

8. Bobba Fett is a clone.

7. Bobba Fett is not nearly as annoying as Annikan was as a child.

6. Smoking exists in the seedy unerworld of the Republic, however the PFY that pushes them does not have the force powers to push them.

5. Darth Sidious likes to arrange flowers and ballet dance in his spare time between enslaving politicians and kidnapping planets.

4. R2D2 Can climb stairs, fly and repair almost anything, but cannot look DOWN.

3. Ewan Macgregor is a surprisingly convincing Obi-Wan Kenobi, however what was more impressinve is when he played to dual role of Obi-Wan and the New queen of Naboo.

2. Lucas bought the rights to the “sound of music”

1. Anakin Skywalker was a know-nothing, loudmouth bitchy punk.