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Hello Cleveland

If you had a band, what would you call yourselves?
Question submitted by Zoot.

If I had a band I’d call it “Cindy Mae’s Cheerleader Atrocity Engine

The only music I have any talent with is electronic and glitch-noise based, I’d almost have to confine myself to the “emo-techno” genre. With a name like that though, I’d sure sell a great deal of t-shirts.  Maybe even have an organization like the PMRC come after me.  That’d be sweet.

I have been in a band before though, even released a couple of tracks solo.

If you ever hear some lame techno stuff labeled as by “KWCrush” or “BBCrush” you might be listening to one of my old tracks (1994-1996) produced in 4 tracks with an old 386 and a tape deck, using live samples from my answering machine, television and the radio.  Good times.

“i don’t wanna”  was my best track.

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