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Early Time Travel Experiments

I was watching the movie “Primer” last night (Great stuff, check it out if you like a wordy sciene geek flick)
It got me thinking about the time that Jeremy Bishop, Chris and I all time travelled by way of Bruce Campbell.

We decided to spend a summer afternoon watching the Evil Dead Trilogy in the basement bedroom Jeremy filling in number 666 hunter street.  Fromerly the Kozma home, I passed #666 all the time and was jazzed that Jeremy lived there.  It was a perfect fit for the “I want to be debauched” Jeremy.

As I was saying, we spent the afternoon watching the Eveil dead films.  Even at our best estimate we were to be done late in the evening (having started mid-afternoon).  Any fan will tell you that the Evil Dead Movies are great fun, and worth wasting an afternoon on, even a summer one.

When the movies were over we prepared to head out into the cooler summer evening, perhaps to tool around downtown Kincardine, maybe to hang out somewhere.  I forget. but when we stepped out the sun was still full in the sky.  It wasn’t even close to sunset yet.

Wilco Ferdinand Culpa?

Shouldn’t it be dark?

We went back inside and checked that we had in fact watched the movies, yup the last one was still in the VCR.

It should be later, right?  We all thought aloud.

Here it was, still late afternoon.

We had travelled through time, backwards.

Freaky Stuff.

Our whole summer evening spread before us and we got to do whatever we wanted for a few more hours.

So we watched more TV.


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