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Phone Angst

Desk ToolsThis morning I saw two great images to capture, a beautiful sky and a bright moon.  I pulled out my phone to snap an image and it locked up.  I reset it and tried again, locked and the stylus fails to actually manipulate the screen.

I was, to say the least, a bit peeved.

After fiddling with it and looking for troubleshooting help I started looking for specific advice from Verizon, as well as the firmware update.

007Ben noted when I pointed it out that the side of the screen might have become sensitive due to the screen protector on my phone.  After pulling it of all was well.  For a bit.

I started to upgrade the phone and it turned off, so I pulled it from the cradle and cursed the strange usb errors this laptop has.  I snapped it back in and restarted the update, which progressed flawlessly.

The phone is fine now (and I snapped that pic you see on the post); so yay!

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