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My time Travelling Alarm Clock

I had no idea time travel was so simple, just hit snooze on your alarm clock and BAM it’s 2 hours later!

My alarms are set up at 4:00 AM and 4:30 AM to get me to work for 5:00 AM; this should work to wake me up.  I think that since i moved my alarm clock to my bedside table from its former perch accross the room has failed me.  It will have to move back, since having to get out of bed to hit snooze was such a boon to making me wake up.

Funny though, when I woke up initially I turned on the TV and saw some of “The Rock” when I drifted back off and finally woke up again, it was “caddyshack 2” but I remember thinking that it was strange that the Rock had such 80s music in it (as I could hear the opening theme to caddyshack 2 as I woke up.

“That’s a wicked Hook you got there”

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