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Smothers Brothers and Sons

Today was the company picnic, a bright sunny August Day in the park.

My Family had a great time, but I don’t think they took enough of advantage of the free food and drink, oh well.  They played the games over and over, but my patience for long lines is about as thick as the “Sons of the Soil” good dining guide.  After standing the sun for as long as we did I’m burned and frustrated and carrying an armload of crap.

On a side note, friends can see pix from the picnic on my flickr page, I only took three.

I met one of the Smothers Brothers kids.  I was mouthing off about an event and he asked me to name myself, I guessed he might be an exec staff so I wouldn’t say who I was, he handed me his business card “Steve Smothers” of “Smothers Speciality Foods: makers of “Little Stevie’s Seasonings”  I gave up my name then.
I told him “You have a famous name” he said “I have a famous Dad” and pointed to his hat.  I was was a little star struck, since I believe I’d seen this guy on tv (from when he was a kid)  but we just parted ways after a bit.

After that, The Spawn got an inflatable crayon for a Friends son and I got a nice sno-cone.  Then we left.

A spent a bit at the book shop and have a whole bunch of the “Books of Magic” as well as a new Flash and “Y the last man” books too.

After the Spawn went to bed we watched “The Island” which was good, but the plot was pretty much see-through.  I wish the plot wasn’t so telegraphed.

Now we are watching this japanese flick where th characters are on some sort of radioactive dump and there are giant flowers, I think it might actually be a Godzilla flick.

Edit: I couldn’t have been more wrong, The title of the move is Yume or “Akira Kurosawa’s: Dreams”  [I think it was all the radiation talk and giant plants] I had to go to the inhd website to find the actual name of the film.

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