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Teacher's Pet

What was (or is) your favorite subject in school?

I think while I was there, in school I would have chosen Computers or Creative writing.  But when I look back, I enjoyed history with Jim Dales the most.

Jim Dales was a large, obnoxious bully of a man, with an overbearing demeanor and a strong distaste for ignorance.  He was very close to retirement and a strident patriot.  As my oldest teacher, he also had a firm grasp on world history, having been alive since Moses was a boy.

His classes were great for someone like me for two reasons; I was quick-witted and could think on my feet, he would accept any answer as long as you sounded like you were sure of it.  If you EVER answered “I don’t know” you were instantly treated to the two-minute hate, otherwise he’d smile and accept whatever claptrap slipped from your mouth.

Great Class.

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