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Day: August 6, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-08-06

  • @billdeys How about Meetup movie night? Pineapple Express? #
  • Busy as hell today, plus had 5000 hits on my photos on the past 24 hours… #
  • BTW after a few seconds of fiddling, I turned a 30 second clip of my kid into an awesome movie. Now I know how it’s done Spielberg! #
  • @billdeys Shucks… #
  • MF: “I’m going to print out the How To Look Twee page and show it to Stephen Pastel while hissing ‘J’accuse!’ at him.” – jack_mo #
  • @happyguy Didn’t Billy Idol and Def Leppard play in JLC? I mean, “the ‘Lep” is a stadium rock band, right? #
  • “Lucky Stiff” is about a man lured to a cabin in the woods by a Beautiful woman, only to find she is a cannibal and it is a Comedy #
  • @happyguy I’m pretty sure that Both Billy Idol and Def Leppard are “In the final lap” but Matt Good is far from “on his way out” #
  • I couldn’t remember the name of this flick years ago, it was funny then #
  • Almost jinxed some hardware ninja action. I know and see nothing, don’t break, don’t break. #
  • @jephjaques Just for you: #
  • @jephjacques D’oh, again, just for jeph: #
  • @JCDean Do you mean the little wooden ones? #

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