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Day: August 8, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-08-08

  • @RevNathan The VF-1 was a derivative of the technology found in SDF-1 or “The SHip” or “The visitor” depending who you ask No Valkyrie. #
  • It’s nice to have hardware in stock again. #
  • @billdeys too Meta (Re: FB status Tweet) #
  • @happyguy ??? #
  • @happyguy I was more concerned about the latter half of “swearing and…” I was wondering how easy going your workplace really is #
  • Tickets Managed, coffee getting cold. Busy busy Busy #
  • Awww Brian Adams came up on Random, Now I wanna go back home and “Just Hang” too bad almost no one (but family) is there now. 9yrs358days2go #
  • please, please, please stop duping profiles on the Domain, please. It adds 20-30 minutes to a build when the AD is hosed #
  • It’s 2:43 and I have a list of demands, unroll my fist and you’ll know where I stand. #
  • Did I say 20-30? Let me correct myself, 30+ minutes… sheesh. #

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