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Day: August 14, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-08-14

  • @Ultramegakungfu Your photos of the water at that behemoth of a hospital were great. #
  • @RevNathan Roger Roger #
  • Installing software on a remote PC. #
  • For those that are in the know, Pate is okay. #
  • The guy who introduces Lewis Black on “Anticipation” almost ruined it with “Lewis Bbb bBB bbb Blaaaaack!” No more of that please. #
  • I may regret this: every MST3K episode in AVI format: #
  • My desk just undid my shirt… I’m worried. #
  • @KVL beyond an sql statement, not that I am aware of. #
  • @KVL I didn’t think about it until I accidentally published 800 copies of the same 10 articles once… I used sql to clean them #
  • @KVL here ya go: UPDATE `wp_posts` SET `post_status` = ‘draft’ WHERE `post_status` = ‘publish’; #
  • I’ve heard of this Michael Phelps fellow, is he one of the Westboro Phelps? LoL #
  • Here’s a Message for the action man, “No Frankly, I’m not happy, why are you smiling?” #
  • Why doesn’t the rest of my family dig on playing “spot the reference” during middleman? #
  • I can’t read this thing, the author has the attention span of a 4-year old on a sugar high with three tvs tuned to three different shows #
  • @RevNathan Go for the gold and call her “Beautiful is her name as the sun coming over the mountain in the mists of the morning Worh”. #
  • @KVL no worries, I had to poke at my test database to remind myself of the syntax #
  • Good evening shack. It’s been a barrel of laughs today. #

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Review: Adopted Son

Adopted Son

A subtle invasion of earth has left a legacy of the alien among us.

Were it not for the lack of flow, this might have been a great novel, instead it is a chore and a boring one at that (with it’s serious over-reliance on technical details). I cannot recommend this book to anyone but the most dedicated Bureaucrat or Genetics Fanatic who needs good bedtime fodder. This is a great concept marred by poor execution, perhaps an editor will come along and re-arrange this work into a cogent novel.

My rating: 2.0 stars

Dominic Peloso may have a history of writing detailed reports and scholarly papers. At least One would hope he does. TinyGhosts is indicative of the style of writing that faces the reader; clever and clipped, I warn you of this now.

I also warn you that this is a fairly negative review of what is truly good material.

I could not read Adopted Son for more than 20-30 minutes at a time. The “Chapters” are short and choppy, but far from “to the point.” Scenes are told in sections, jumping in time over and over. It was jarring at first and then simply annoying. I skipped ahead, hoping that the “chopped military report” style would taper into traditional narrative, only to put the book down and gently weep for my future.

I can’t tell you anything about this book to make it more interesting that the concept, which is GREAT! The concept is that Aliens have germinated their seed in the genetic structure of people across the globe and scientists are rushing to understand the implications of it, while alien children grow up among us. It’s fairly awesome as a concept, but the execution was horrifyingly bad. Add to this that the author claims to have written this before 2001, he had 5 years to edit it and make it palatable to the general public. Alas, he has not.

If you're going to be funny…

Be as funny as this:


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Abortion Protestors (Group)

Abortion Protestors (Group), originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

I’m not a big fan of these folks, as they always seem to be of the “I am much more moral than you” stripe and relative morality is a pet peeve of mine. Additionally, they always tote those heavily graphic images of dead babies, right out there with the proverbial bloody shirt.

Usually I hassle them a bit and get on my way; but I had the opportunity to take a few pictures of them before I headed out to the shack yesterday so I snapped a few.

They weren’t sure what to think about me at first, as I got more “curt” I think they got the picture that I wasn’t just some tourist.

I didn’t call them out or insult them (I wanted them to smile ya know) but I really wanted to.

One thing that stuck out for me; there was a nurse there who quickly hid when she saw the camera, she was named “Debbie” Here’s the picture I got of her:

Abortion Protestors (Group Reverse)

If you know a Debbie who works at Victoria hospital in London, tell her to use a Pseudonym when she is protesting if she doesn’t want people to know she is down with the protesters, okay?

The last time I engaged them I asked them why they thought it was appropriate to attack the poor and the victimized, but they feigned ignorance. I think the next time I see them I’ll pull the young women from the group (the ones that look like they can still have kids) and ask them on video what they will do if they (or their daughters) are raped and become pregnant. It’s provocative; but can you look at those pictures of dead babies and not feel provoked?

What about severely deformed babies (no heads and so on) are they going to force women to carry it to term?

I have no idea why they want to get involved and not get involved in more worthy causes, like poverty. It always seems that these Moral types want to get involved in something that is easy, they can condemn and feel like they have done something but it’s an easy something. Babies are easy to protect, most everyone loves babies.

It’s the parents I care about, until a baby is born, Mom and Dad matter more.

I know a bit about their motivation, I was anti-abortion until I was about 17-18. I don’t know for sure when I accepted that being anti-choice was wrong, I came to it when my brain developed the capacity to think critically instead of just emotionally I guess.

Canadian Politics are Boring: The Toothless Harper

Sorry Harper - What am I sorry about today?
Sorry Harper – “What am I sorry about today?”

As I’ve stated before, I don’t think Canadian Politics could get any less interesting. The Big Bad Dog that is Stephen Harper has become almost invisible behind his Minions in the Parliament, he just has to “on occasion” kiss a pig and pat a baby.  Yaawwwn.

Even Canadian Conservative Blogs are boring, true they filled with ridiculous personal attacks rather than substantive discussion about politics; but still boring.   And as for the Liberal or Non-Partisan websites, some haven’t updated since February.

Celine Dion is still not enough of a Personality to drive an election; and lets face it, he isn’t going to help a Liberal win.  It’s time for the Liberals to take a LOUD public stance, dump Celine and move towards a stronger and more NEWSWORTHY position, the scandals of the past are nearly forgotten; but if they can’t put out a series of candidates who can say “Things are good, but we can make them better in this way…” then it’s time to let Harper call another election and bide your time to the next cycle.

Harper’s near invisibility is a stroke of genius, Bush’s biggest mistake in the US was ever speaking about anything, he should have just kept to prepared and written statements and pretty much disappeared behind his political hacks, causing them to fall on their swords as they pulled boner after boner on his say.  Harper’s near complete media non-existence lets his party stay safely in power as there is always a plausible deniability of “it was some other minister” when something goes bad.