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Day: August 20, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-08-20

  • At the middle of “across the universe” there is a bit where the girl spouts a lyric as dialogue and I die a little inside, it’s too clunky. #
  • It’s nice outside, the air smelled great and it’s not hot. In the shack, it’s muggy #
  • @shelisrael I know. I noticed it was dim these past few days, but it was REALLY DARK this morning, but maybe it’ll stay warm like last year? #
  • Quick Poll: Do Men love “The Princess Bride” more than Women? Does that make it a “Guy Movie”? #
  • I’m work shopping an idea about a society that has no needs and can’t remember why, they have a series of boxes that produce everything… #
  • Gah, spell check before publish! #
  • “In the private sector – the real world – dangerous stooges can be fired more readily. No lawyers or union reps required.” <- Hollow … #
  • @markwilson12 Garden State. #
  • mimodaddio, you’re a spammer. Blocked for great justice. #
  • I’m moving offices and after removing all of the paper “flair from the wall, I’m having trouble focusing on the monitor… #
  • Moved 100% of my stock and equipment… now to move desks… #
  • @KVL #
  • @KVL Eeewww That costs money… <grin> #
  • Damn… monitor died at home. #
  • Problem solved… plugs were out, solved it without leaving the office. #
  • Look at Me, Look at me, I’m driving and I won’t stop (Except at Mr. Sub) #

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Canadian Politics are Boring: Harper remembers that he's a Tory

All bets are off on fixed voting date as PM backtracks on promise to wait until October, 2009; decision expected within weeks

Be ready for fall election, Harper warns

I must have missed this quote:

“Mr. Dion is threatening to bring the government down, again, but we’ve heard that same song for nearly two years,” said Mr. Harper, accusing Mr. Dion of doing “everything in his power to slow the business of Parliament.

Ah, it’s refreshing to see a Tory behave like one, getting the Liberals to cow to their requests then accusing them of acting as a disrupting force for what they say in the media.  It’s Castigation for Words and ignorance for their deeds.  It’s too bad that Celine Dion is all Hat and No Cattle, since this kind of crap will go (Legistlativly) unanswered.  At least we get to see Harper baring his teeth and reminding the people who do hear it (I missed it too) that he’s a sneaky bastard in the mold of the Neocons to the south.  His near-invisibility in public lets him get away with it.

Now, will Celine Dion get his hand dirty and bring down the Government?  Probably not.  The Liberals really need to stop playing “politics” and start playing POLITICS and get out there and remind people that excepting ONE SCANDAL the Liberals led Canada to peace and prosperity and the Tories continues to Spend and Spend while cutting services and selling out to the Americans.  There is NOTHING wrong with pointing out how often the Tories have cowed to the Bush Admin.

They won’t though, because they are the “New Liberals” and just an organ of the Tory machine.