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Canadian Politics are Embarrassing: Dion is playing to lose

“What is a car pool?” he asked organizers, who enlightened him. “Oh, that’s good. I’m never alone in my car.”

Stephan Dion, stumped by the concept.  This IS 2008, the concept has been around for about 40 years.  Where has Celine been living all this time?

As I’ve said before Celine Dion is going to drag the Liberal party down in the next election; when he ‘blasts’ the Tories for cutting arts funding he says this:

“He (Harper) seems to not understand that we need to be stimulating those programs. We must encourage different arts and culture,” Dion told reporters at the We Are Many (WAM) festival in Diefenbaker Park. “The link between culture and the environment is the way of the future. We are entering a knowledge economy based on innovation and artists are those who bring the creativity and creation.”

Please, someone, get him a few Bill Hicks tapes or Bill Connolly or something, anything.  Teach him to breathe fire, get angry, dig deep and find righteous indignation!  Celine Dion is pretty much a dead weight and until someone can smack him around and make him into a firebrand for Liberal values, he’s going to lead the Party into irrelevance.

The Prime Minister’s Office has signalled that Canadians will likely be going to the polls this fall unless Liberal Leader Stephane Dion agrees in the next couple of weeks to support the Conservative government’s agenda

A telling statement.

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