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Canadian Politics are Boring: The Toothless Harper

Sorry Harper - What am I sorry about today?
Sorry Harper – “What am I sorry about today?”

As I’ve stated before, I don’t think Canadian Politics could get any less interesting. The Big Bad Dog that is Stephen Harper has become almost invisible behind his Minions in the Parliament, he just has to “on occasion” kiss a pig and pat a baby.  Yaawwwn.

Even Canadian Conservative Blogs are boring, true they filled with ridiculous personal attacks rather than substantive discussion about politics; but still boring.   And as for the Liberal or Non-Partisan websites, some haven’t updated since February.

Celine Dion is still not enough of a Personality to drive an election; and lets face it, he isn’t going to help a Liberal win.  It’s time for the Liberals to take a LOUD public stance, dump Celine and move towards a stronger and more NEWSWORTHY position, the scandals of the past are nearly forgotten; but if they can’t put out a series of candidates who can say “Things are good, but we can make them better in this way…” then it’s time to let Harper call another election and bide your time to the next cycle.

Harper’s near invisibility is a stroke of genius, Bush’s biggest mistake in the US was ever speaking about anything, he should have just kept to prepared and written statements and pretty much disappeared behind his political hacks, causing them to fall on their swords as they pulled boner after boner on his say.  Harper’s near complete media non-existence lets his party stay safely in power as there is always a plausible deniability of “it was some other minister” when something goes bad.

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