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Twitter Updates for 2008-08-07

  • @JCDean That’s funny about Michaels, it’s where I got my first one years ago… There is an art and craft shop on Wellington, N. of Com. #
  • I have free LD, to all of NA. Why don’t I call the people from the news stories and complain to *them* about poor coverage? #
  • Restarting Part two Project Billy… it was too labored #
  • Re-write of Project Billy part two takes place in the same place and time frame, with new plot elements and more Pontiff action! #
  • Created “Writing” Page to showcase my creative (writing) works on the blog: #
  • Grrr..I need to move my test server back inside my own firewall… hey, that’s not hard to do at all, is it? #
  • Setting up Apache, mysql and Php on Hackintosh #
  • Listening to a jazzy/big band/big beat remix of “Great Destroyer” from Bootleg is Resistance III – “The Great Run” AWESOME #
  • In Case you Missed it, Streakers after the party on Sunday: #
  • @somerled Print to an image? #
  • @somerled Or Print to PDF!!!! #
  • 2 in one Day! Thanks Dave! #
  • Waiting for a bios password to clear after removing the battery… #
  • D’Oh, forgot to take the MAIN battery out too #
  • In 2 hours or so I will have finished wiping the laptop I had to hobble for a bit to get past the bios password. #
  • PRO TIP: A thief can mount your drive in an enclosure and steal your data… encrypt your hard drive, bios passwords are just a nuisance #
  • @RevNathan you need a 500 gig ide drive do you? #
  • Pro Tip: Take out the Batteries and the AC power when you take out the Bios Battery. Wasted 30 minutes on that endeavor. #
  • Umm, Do Want: #
  • @RevNathan The WD caviar on the same page ships from amazon directly, it might be safer if you don’t know the other vendors #
  • I want to wake up my laptop by clapping my hands or opening a loud door any ideas? #
  • Hmmm…. #
  • I lusted after a tablet, but realize that my own drawing tablet is probably better for my work style anyway… #
  • Closed a bunch of tickets today too… it’s a somewhat busy, but productive day #
  • Damn, had to strip two old laptops and dump them… broken screen and broken power connector/motherboard #
  • @billdeys The only shows I can watch on TV are the ones where I know the exact time and channel, I missed it. Rogers be damned! #
  • I saw again, Rogers Be Damned, your highspeed is great, but your TV is teh suck. #
  • Rogers Be Damned, your highspeed is great, but your TV is teh suck #

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