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Twitter Updates for 2008-08-11

  • Rebuilt Local Blogger’s Landing Page; It may not work in IE…… #
  • Forgot to file my time sheet online on Friday! Gah! #
  • It’s nice outside, they cut the grass and it smells great out there! #
  • My time sheet is in, thanks Don! #
  • It’s 10:30AM | Isn’t it time to get up and get going? #
  • Trying to listen through all of the “un-listened to” stuff on my iPod “recently added” playlist… #
  • Busy, Busy, Busy #
  • @KVL I got one of those for 20 bucks from Woot! last year, totally worth it. #
  • Getting ready to head out to the big office up the street to pick up a laptop. I’ll be out for a while. #
  • Still not on DVD #
  • BRB Delivering a Laptop #
  • It’s very satisfying to clean out outstanding work, you know? #
  • @KVL I don’t know, I’m using a 5G myself, it worked without an insert. It may just be too small to accept a larger model… #
  • From “Gor” to “Crack whore”, Jen is playing SECOND LIFE!!! #

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