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Twitter Updates for 2008-08-14

  • @Ultramegakungfu Your photos of the water at that behemoth of a hospital were great. #
  • @RevNathan Roger Roger #
  • Installing software on a remote PC. #
  • For those that are in the know, Pate is okay. #
  • The guy who introduces Lewis Black on “Anticipation” almost ruined it with “Lewis Bbb bBB bbb Blaaaaack!” No more of that please. #
  • I may regret this: every MST3K episode in AVI format: #
  • My desk just undid my shirt… I’m worried. #
  • @KVL beyond an sql statement, not that I am aware of. #
  • @KVL I didn’t think about it until I accidentally published 800 copies of the same 10 articles once… I used sql to clean them #
  • @KVL here ya go: UPDATE `wp_posts` SET `post_status` = ‘draft’ WHERE `post_status` = ‘publish’; #
  • I’ve heard of this Michael Phelps fellow, is he one of the Westboro Phelps? LoL #
  • Here’s a Message for the action man, “No Frankly, I’m not happy, why are you smiling?” #
  • Why doesn’t the rest of my family dig on playing “spot the reference” during middleman? #
  • I can’t read this thing, the author has the attention span of a 4-year old on a sugar high with three tvs tuned to three different shows #
  • @RevNathan Go for the gold and call her “Beautiful is her name as the sun coming over the mountain in the mists of the morning Worh”. #
  • @KVL no worries, I had to poke at my test database to remind myself of the syntax #
  • Good evening shack. It’s been a barrel of laughs today. #

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